Traveling Trunk Program

The Education department at Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum has created unique traveling trunks available to any Maryland teacher to enhance their students' learning experience. Our trunks focus on two distinct subjects in Maryland's history: Native Americans people pre-contact and the lives of Marylanders during the War of 1812. While both trunks were created with the 4th grade curriculum in mind, the lessons can easily be adapted to older and younger audiences. Feel free to preview the lessons from both trunks below. Whether you just use the lessons or rent the trunks for the objects inside, we'd love to see how you adapted them for use with your students on our Pinterest page.

Contact & Price Information

Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum’s (JPPM) traveling trunks are available to all Maryland public and private schools. Teachers should contact Julie Hall, Director of Education, at 410-586-8504, or email with questions or to schedule a rental.

The three week rental fee for the traveling trunk is $50.00 for on-site pick-up, or $175.00 for the trunk to be shipped. Please see the rental agreement for further details.

Rental Agreement                                 


Traveling trunk with objects inside.

East Woodland Indians of Maryland - Lesson Plans

Unit 1-1 Lesson
Unit 1-1 Worksheet
Unit 1-2 Lesson
Unit 1-2 Worksheet
Unit 1-3 Lesson
Unit 1-3 Worksheet
Unit 2

Unit 3-1 Lesson
Unit 3-1 Worksheet
Unit 4 Lesson
Unit 5-1 Lesson
Unit 5-2 Lesson
Unit 5-2 Worksheet
Unit 5-3 Lesson

Unit 6-1 Lesson
Unit 6-1 Worksheet
Unit 6-1 Excerpt
Unit 6-2 Lesson
Unit 6-2 Worksheet
Unit 6-3 Lesson
Unit 6-3 Worksheet

Unit 7-1 Lesson
Unit 8-1 Lesson
Unit 8-1 Puzzle
Unit 9-1 Lesson
Unit 9-2 Lesson
Unit 9-2 Worksheet

1812 Lesson plans Coverimage

Through the Perilous Fight - Life During the War of 1812 - Lesson Plans

Creating An Exhibit

Creating Original Artwork

Creating a Broadside

Letter Writing With a Point of View

Making A Timeline

Mystery Objects

Preparing And Tasting Food

Reading Maps

Responding To Artwork-
Historical Images

The Experience Of Kids

American Images

Teacher's Background

Common Core Alignment

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Through the Perilous Fight: Life during the War of 1812 has been financed in part with State Funds from the Maryland Heritage Areas Maryland Heritage Areas Authority logo.Authority, an instrumentality of the State of Maryland. However, the contents and opinions do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority.  It was developed in collaboration with Beth Maloney, Museum Education Consultant.

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