Heat and Power Company (Property 12) (18BC86)

Site 18BC86 was located on the former Heat and Power Company property (also known as Property 12). This property included an entire block bounded by West Street on the north, Ostend Street to the south, Warner and Russell Streets to the east and west, respectively. Claret Alley bisected this property north to south, historically. Today, the site is covered by Camden Yards, the stadium for the Baltimore Orioles.

The first map evidence of structures on this block was on the 1876 G. m. Hopkins Atlas. The map suggests that townhouses were present along the West Street side of the two half blocks and also showed an industrial complex in the southwestern quadrant of the block. Fire insurance maps from the late 19th and early 20th centuries show that residential development had occurred along the northern side of the property, with the southern half of the block occupied by industrial development, like a barrel manufacturing company, a molding company and a shoe factory. The industrial complexes were razed in the early 20th century and replaced with residential development.

This site was examined as part of the larger Camden Yards project conducted by R. Christopher Goodwin and Associates between October 1989 and March of 1990. A series of eight trenches were machine excavated in the northern half of Property 12. Two brick foundations from rowhouses (Features 6601 and 6701) were briefly discussed in the Phase II report. Although 34 artifacts were retained from two of the trenches, none of the artifacts were reported as being associated with the brick foundations.

The archaeological report states that the disturbed nature of the soils and the nature of the artifacts recovered from the test trenches suggest that Property 12 retained very little potential for intact cultural resources that would add to our understanding of early commercial Baltimore.

(Written by Patricia Samford)


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