Southern Seafood (Property 10) (18BC84)

Site 18BC84 was located on the former Southern Seafood property (also known as Property 10). This area retained its original street configuration and was bounded by Eutaw Street to the east, Conway and Barre Streets to the north and south, respectively, and Wayne Street (originally Homespun Alley and later Houser Street) to the west. Today, the site is covered by Camden Yards, the stadium for the Baltimore Orioles.

Property 10 was largely industrial and commercial from its earliest days of development. As early as 1838, William Gist operated a Brick Chemical Factory along the south side of Conway Street and by 1858, the Eutaw Eagle Works Company stood at the southwest corner of Conway and Eutaw Streets. By the late 19th century, several large warehouses had been built on the block, and a farm machinery company was in the space where the brick chemical factory had once stood. The block retained food and commodity storage warehouses well into the twentieth century.

This site was examined as part of the larger Camden Yards project conducted by R. Christopher Goodwin and Associates between October 1989 and March of 1990. A series of five trenches were machine excavated in Property 10; only two features (2401 and 2501), stone foundations, were recorded on this property. The soil profiles on Property 10 reflected urban soils of clay and sand fill. The foundations and cellars in the area were filled with brick rubble.

The final report states that 18BC84 did not retain the potential to contribute greatly to our knowledge or understanding of domestic or commercial activities in the Camden Yards area in the late nineteenth century due to filling and construction related to years of commercial and industrial use. (Kuranda et al. 1992:115).

(Written by Patricia Samford)


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