Gott's Court (18AP52)

The Gott’s Court Site (18AP52) is an 18th- and 19th-century commercial district and 20th-century African American enclave in Annapolis, Maryland. Bounded by Northwest, West, and Calvert Streets, this property was an area of artisans and craftsmen from the 1720s until its transformation in the mid-19th century into a residential zone. The Gott’s Court Site presents a profile of commercial and domestic growth in Annapolis, and further details urban settlement patterns and lifestyles between 1720 and 1930.

In 1989, Archeology in Annapolis conducted an archaeological investigation of the block in which Gott’s Court is located. Four test units confirmed the presence of 18th–, 19th–, and 20th–century artifacts from occupation levels several feet in depth.

Goodwin & Associates conducted a Phase II/III investigation of Gott’s Court between October 1991 and February 1992, prior to the construction of a multi-story parking facility. Fieldwork was divided into two stages, and combined manual and mechanical excavations. The first phase involved the excavation of 14 backhoe trenches, ranging from four to seven meters in length and two to four meters in width. These trenches were excavated following natural stratigraphy, subdivided into arbitrary 30cm levels when thick strata were present. Soils were separated by stratum or level and then trowel-sorted to collect artifacts and ecofacts. Fifteen five-by-five-foot excavation units were placed within the trenches where features, living surfaces, or artifact concentrations were detected. These units were hand-excavated according to natural stratigraphy, subdivided into 10cm levels. All soil from these units was screened through ¼-inch mesh. The second phase of fieldwork, using the same excavation strategy as the first phase, consisted of six additional trenches, an extension of two original trenches, and ten excavation units within the trenches. One hundred features, representing domestic and commercial yard activities associated with 18th– through 20th–century dwellings and businesses, were recorded and excavated.

(Edited from Archaeological Collections in Maryland)


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