Dorr Site (18AN19)

This multi-component site represents Late Archaic & Early, Middle and Late Woodland camps, a Middle Woodland village, and a late 18th- to early 19th-century house site adjacent to Galloway Creek.

There has been a tremendous amount of work done at this site over the years, including in the 1940s (Stearns), the 1960s (Archeological Society of Maryland), 1976 (amateur archaeologists) and 1989 (R. C. Goodwin & Associates). Hundreds of test units and over 1,000 STPs have been excavated on this site, for which the boundaries should probably be extended based on testing.

Paul Cresthull collected over 1000 sherds and numerous other artifacts from the edges of the sand pits in the area of the site. Based on his finds, Archeological Society of Maryland members conducted extensive excavations along this ridge. Several prehistoric features were recognized and excavated separately during these investigations. ASM excavators did not observe any "meaningful" stratification of deposits. In Area B, historic component, the ASM excavators did not identify any features and excavated this area in arbitrary levels.

Douglas R. Woodward conducted exploratory excavations at the site between 1963 and 1964. Artifacts recovered through test excavations include rhyolite and quartz lithic materials, Mockley ware, and Potomac Creek ware (Woodward 1969). The midden covers an area of approximately 2,178,000 square feet and reaches a depth of 24 inches. Faunal remains include deer bones, oyster shells, fresh and saltwater clam shells, turtle, fish bones, raccoon bones, beaver bones, and sturgeon bones. No floral remains have been reported.

Phase I shovel testing by R.C. Goodwin & Associates recovered prehistoric material from the plowzone and from the soils below. They recovered historic material only from the plowzone. In February 2009, the site was visited by Lost Towns Project staff, who took photographs.

(Edited from archeological site survey form, Maryland Historical Trust)


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