Wallizer (18AG44)

This site was investigated along with three other sites in the area, all of which would be impacted by the proposed alignments for US-48, the National Freeway (modern US I-68), in Allegany County. It is located on a colluvial toeslope and a floodplain of Murley Branch at an elevation of approximately 222 meters above sea-level. Soils are classified as Buchanan very stony loam on the colluvial slope and as Philo silt loam and Pope silt loam on the floodplain. Phase I and II work indicates that the site was used as a short term campsite or base camp in the Early Archaic, Late Archaic, and Middle Woodland. Around AD 1200-1300, it was occupied by a horticulturally-based group who located a village on the floodplain. The time of village abandonment is unknown. It was determined eligible for inclusion on the NRHP in 1988.

Phase II testing of the site involved both controlled surface collection of the plowed and washed colluvial slope to determine site boundaries. Posthole test pitting was used along several transects extending out from the colluvial slope onto the floodplain and other areas of the site. Material to the north was very thinly scattered along the plowed strip; therefore, an arbitrary break was made at a point of low artifact density and a second site (18AG60) was defined. As many as 40 artifacts were recovered from the posthole pits, indicating an extremely high density of artifacts. Midden and feature fill were also identified. Excavation units were opened up in areas of the site where artifact densities were the greatest (based on the surface collection and posthole tests). These were divided into 5 units. Units 1, 2, 3, and 5, were isolated 1 X 1 meter test units, while Unit 4 was actually a 1 X 5 meter trench excavated in 1 meter square segments. Nine features and numerous artifacts were identified.

Testing at the Wallizer site indicates excellent preservation of features below the plowzone in the floodplain, as well as a small strip of buried A horizon dating from site occupation along a section of the stream bank.

(Edited from the Maryland Historical Trust Synthesis Project)


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  • 1988. Archeological Testing of Four Prehistoric Sites in Town Creek Valley, Allegany County, Maryland. MGS File Report No. 216.

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