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Site NumberSite Name# FeaturesCountySite TypeBrief Description
18AG23Second Terrace1AlleganyPrehistoricEarly and Late Archaic and Early Woodland short-term resource procurement and lithic reduction camp
18AG44Wallizer9AlleganyPrehistoricLate Woodland village with Archaic and Middle Woodland occupations
18AG160Wild Turkey1AlleganyPrehistoricLate/Terminal Archaic tool manufacturing site
18AG183Romsburg Site3AlleganyHistoric/PrehistoricEarly to Late Archaic short-term camp, Historic Unknown
18AG186Evitts Creek 11AlleganyPrehistoricEarly & Late Archaic and Early, Middle & Late Woodland short-term camps, possible base camp
18AG206Mechanic Street South43AlleganyHistoric19th- to early 20th-century urban neighborhood
18AG215Lonaconing8AlleganyHistoric19th- to 20th-century town
18AG227Crescent Lawn41AlleganyHistoricMid-19th- to early 20th-century foundry, housing, lumberyard, millrace & canal boat buildings & repair yard
18AG229A-11AlleganyPrehistoricEarly & Late Archaic and probable Early and Late Woodland short-term resource procurement camp
18AG234D-11AlleganyHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic and Early, Middle & Late Woodland short-term camps, mid- 19th- to 20th-century artifact scatter
18AN19Dorr Site3Anne ArundelHistoric/PrehistoricMulticomponent site with Woodland component and two scatters, 18th and 19th C., historic artifacts
18AN39Saunders Point1Anne ArundelHistoricMid-18th-century cellar or storage feature
18AN65Beck NE Site7Anne ArundelPrehistoricMiddle Woodland shell midden, stratified Late Archaic to Early Woodland short-term camps
18AN113Obrecht's27Anne ArundelPrehistoricEarly to Late Woodland base camp and village
18AN143Luce Creek2Anne ArundelPrehistoricMiddle Woodland shell midden
18AN279Rose Haven16Anne ArundelPrehistoricSingle component Middle Woodland
18AN398Kelly Pool2Anne ArundelHistoric/PrehistoricArchaic lithic scatter; late 18th- to mid-19th-century tenant house site
18AN400Intersection6Anne ArundelHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic and Woodland short-term resource procurement. Late 19th-century blacksmith shop and refuse midden
18AN408DCC 21Anne ArundelHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic base camp, Early, Middle and Late Woodland short-term resource procurement camps. Historic scatter
18AN489Higgins Site26Anne ArundelHistoric/PrehistoricPaleoindian - Late Woodland multi-component base camp, lithic workshop, mid-19th- to early 20th-century scatter
18AN497Benson-Hammond5Anne ArundelHistoric19th-century standing house, farmstead
18AN498Hawkins Road 1/ Boehm1Anne ArundelHistoricLate 17th- or early to mid-18th-century house site, mid- to late 18th-century house site
18AN500Fischer Site3Anne ArundelHistoricLate 19th- to early 20th-century African-American tenant house ruin
18AN512Belt Residence3Anne ArundelHistoricc. 1900 small tenant house site
18AN579Timbuktu #19Anne ArundelPrehistoricLate Archaic quartz cobble quarry
18AN580Koppers East1Anne ArundelPrehistoricEarly & Late Archaic lithic scatter/short-term resource camp
18AN596The Wilderness13Anne ArundelHistoric19th-century German-American farmstead, possible forge
18AN817Stephen Steward Shipyard8Anne ArundelHistoric18th-century shipyard
18AN998Lee2Anne ArundelHistoric/PrehistoricLate 18th- to early 19th-century dwelling, possible tenant house, Late Archaic to Middle Woodland lithic scatter
18AN1000Larkington10Anne ArundelHistoric/PrehistoricL. Archaic and E. & M. Woodland short-term camps/shell middens; 18th-early 19th & Late 19th-Early 20th houses
18AN1151B. Smith Site16Anne ArundelHistoricLate 18th- to early 19th-century house site; mid 19th- to mid 20th- century house site; late 19th- century tenant house
18AP14Victualling Warehouse11AnnapolisHistoric19th-century brick standing warehouse, 18th-century warehouse site
18AP52Gott's Court63AnnapolisHistoric18th- to 19th-century commercial district and 20th-century African-American enclave in Annapolis
18AP75209 Main Street4AnnapolisHistoricTwo trash pits associated with a late 17th- and early 18th-century tavern
18AP80Gateway Circle35AnnapolisHistoric19th- and 20th-century urban rowhouse community, possibly African American
18BA71UMBC2Baltimore CountyPrehistoricArchiac, Woodland short-term resource procurement
18BA100Howard - McHenry Mill8Baltimore CountyHistoric19th-century mill and tenancy
18BA106Painters Mill/ Painters Camp7Baltimore CountyPrehistoricEarly Archaic to Late Woodland base camp
18BA158TDJ - Field N (2)3Baltimore CountyPrehistoricMiddle and Late Archaic, Woodland unknown
18BA196Granite Manufacturing Mill5Baltimore CountyHistoricMid-19th-century mill/factory
18BA282Banneker10Baltimore CountyHistoricearly 18th to early 19th-century African-American farmstead
18BA283Treuth Residence4Baltimore CountyHistoric/Prehistoricmid-19th-century structure.; late 18th-century possible residence re-used as a barn or garage; prehistoric scatter
18BA313MAAR Feature II6Baltimore CountyHistoricFour mid-19th-century connected houses
18BA314Workers Barracks27Baltimore CountyHistoricmid- to late 19th-century immigrant Irish workers' housing
18BA325Poe-Burns Duplex26Baltimore CountyHistoricMid-19th-century standing residential duplex
18BA330Dolfield Summer House Complex8Baltimore CountyHistoricLate 19th- to mid-20th-century house
18BA330ADolfield Farmstead/Caretakers House9Baltimore CountyHistoriclate 19th- to 20th-century farmstead/tenant house
18BA331House Site #16Baltimore CountyHistoricLate 19th- to late 20th-century tenant house
18BA332Tenant House Site4Baltimore CountyHistoricMid-19th- to mid-20th-century African-American tenant house
18BA370Todd's Inheritance4Baltimore CountyHistoricMid- to late 17th- to 20th-century plantation
18BA394Owings Mill Newtown Site A1Baltimore CountyPrehistoricTemporary short-term prehistoric occupation
18BA409Historic Site #1/Hoff/Dorsey29Baltimore CountyHistoric/PrehistoricMiddle Woodland short-term camp; Late 18th- to early 19th-century house site
18BA433Lyonsfield Run III9Baltimore CountyPrehistoricEarly to Middle Woodland short-term resource procurement
18BA444Grant Site8Baltimore CountyPrehistoricLate Woodland base camp
18BA445UMBC-12Baltimore CountyHistoric/PrehistoricLate 18th- to 20th-century farmstead; prehistoric lithics
18BA470AVW/Area 9/Site 211Baltimore CountyHistoricMid-19th to early 20th-century house site
18BA526AVW/Area 2/Site 31Baltimore CountyHistoricLate 19th-century artifact concentration
18BA531AVW/Area 2/Site 81Baltimore CountyHistoricLate 18th- or early 19th- to 20th-century artifact concentration
18BA536AVW/Area 5/Site 16Baltimore CountyHistoricMid-19th- to early 20th-century house site
18BA552Connemara29Baltimore CountyHistoric/PrehistoricMid 18th- to late 20th-century plantation; possible Late Archaic settlement, possible Late Woodland hunting site
18BA556E. Hensel House6Baltimore CountyHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic lithic scatter; 19th- to 20th-century house site
18BA564Lee Blacksmith Shop3Baltimore CountyHistoric1907-1942 blacksmith shop owned by William K. Lee
18BC17Robert Long House2Baltimore CityHistoricMid-18th- to 19th-century brick house; 20th-century commercial building
18BC27Federal Reserve45Baltimore CityHistoric3 block urban area in Otterbein neighborhood of Baltimore.
18BC32H and S Bakery20Baltimore CityHistoricEarly 19th-century buried midden and privies, other 19th- to 20th-century rowhouse features
18BC51Levering Coffee House25Baltimore CityHistoricLate 18th- to 19th-century residential and commercial buildings, mid- and late 19th-century warehouses
18BC52Queen Street Lot 2310Baltimore CityHistoricLate 18th- to early 19th-century brick rowhouses.
18BC53Miller's Wharf1Baltimore CityHistoricTwo late 18th-century residential/commercial buildings; mid-19th century warehouse
18BC57Bond Street Site (London Coffeehouse)14Baltimore CityHistoricLate 18th-century brick rowhouses/taverns; early 19th-century brewery; mid-19th-century warehouse
18BC79Ruth Saloon5Baltimore CityHistoricEarly to mid-19th-century brick house and late 19th- to early 20th-century house/saloon; early 19th-century privy
18BC80Privy 19A011Baltimore CityHistoricLate 19th- to early 20th-century rowhouses and privy
18BC81Privy 31Baltimore CityHistoricEarly 19th- to early 20th-century privy
18BC82Donut Delight (Property 2)6Baltimore CityHistoric19th- to early 20th-century brick rowhouses and stove foundry.
18BC83Diggs-Johnson (MSA-06)3Baltimore CityHistoricMid-19th to mid-20th-century rowhouses
18BC84Southern Seafood (Property 10)2Baltimore CityHistoricLate 18th- to early 20th-century rowhouses and mid-19th- to early 20th-century industrial buildings
18BC85Ramcor (Property 9)2Baltimore CityHistoricMid-19th to early 20th-century rowhouses
18BC86Heat and Power Company (Property 12)2Baltimore CityHistoricLate 19th- to mid-20th-century rowhouses; urban residential
18BC88Pawley Stoneware Kiln10Baltimore CityHistoricMid-19th-century stoneware kiln
18BC89J.S. Berry Firebrick Company Pug Mill3Baltimore CityHistoricBrick making
18BC90Eliza Dorsey Site3Baltimore CityHistoricEarly 19th-century possible house site; late 19th- to mid-20th-century rowhouses
18BC101Leakin Park/Crimea1Baltimore CityHistoricEarly to mid 19th c. domestic site
18BC132826-830 Mechanics Court8Baltimore CityHistoricThree 19th-century African-American house foundations & backyard features
18BC133The Independent Grays' Privy3Baltimore CityHistoricLate 19th- to early 20th-century domestic privy
18BC135426-432 North Exeter Street21Baltimore CityHistoricSix 19th-century rowhouses and early 19th-century sugar refinery
18BC139Bull's Head Tavern47Baltimore CityHistoric18th- to 19th-century townhouse lots and tavern
18BC188Stinchcomb Farmstead5Baltimore CityHistoricMid 19th-early 20th c. farmstead within current bounds of Leakin Park
18CA21Wessel Site4CarolinePrehistoricStratified Early & Late Archaic and Early, Middle, & Late Woodland occupations
18CA87Tuckahoe1CarolineHistoricEarly to Middle Woodland base camp; Late Woodland scatter; 19th to 20th-century artifact scatter; mid-20th-century refuse
18CA203MD RT 404 Site A4CarolineHistoric/PrehistoricMiddle Archaic, Early Woodland short-term camp; Middle or Late Woodland hamlet; 20th-century trash
18CA239Koubek Site105CarolineHistoric/PrehistoricEarly Archaic to Late Woodland camp; Prehistoric ossuary; 18th- to 20th-century scatter; Late 19th- to 20th-century cannery
18CE14Conowingo5CecilPrehistoricLate Archaic to Late Woodland, Contact period base camp; short-term resource procurement, early 19th to 20th-century scatter.
18CE29Hollingsworth Farm28CecilPrehistoricArchaic to Woodland base camp; burial
18CE15310001-11CecilHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic and Late Woodland short-term resource procurement; 19th-century artifact scatter
18CH73Pomonkey North10CharlesPrehistoricPrimarily an Early to Early Middle Woodland settlement with smaller Late Archaic and Late Woodland components
18CH79Chapel Point3CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricEarly and Late Archaic short-term camp; Early-Late Woodland shell midden; 17th- to 19th-century cemetery
18CH305Camp Stanton8CharlesHistoricCivil War military encampment for U.S. Colored Troops
18CH308Two Friends Site25CharlesHistoric18th-century house site
18CH350Mathews Site19CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricEarly and Late Woodland artifact scatter; 17th-century sherd, late 18th- to 19th-century plantation house
18CH351Vulture1CharlesHistoricPossible mid-18th to early 19th-century house site
18CH352Clagett7CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricLate Woodland artifact scatter; early to late 19th-century plantation
18CH353Crabb Grass2CharlesHistoricmid-18th-century artifact scatter and possible tenant house site
18CH354Bateman Site9CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricLithic scatter (poss. Late Woodland); mid-18th-century artifact scatter and possible structure site.
18CH355Beach Site3CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic and Early Woodland lithic scatter; 18th-century artifact scatter on beach
18CH358Clifton Site18CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricEarly Archaic to Late Woodland short-term camps with stratified sequence; early to mid-18th-century plantation
18CH374Area 1-A, Site D1CharlesPrehistoricPrehistoric short-term camp/lithic scatter
18CH376Area A-1, Site F1CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic base camp; 18th-century and mid-19th to 20th-century artifact scatters
18CH377Area A-1, Site J2CharlesHistoric/Prehistoric17th- to 18th-century/Contact Period farmstead; Late Woodland unknown; possible Woodland-Contact village
18CH378Area A-1/Site L1CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic base camp, late 18th- to early 19th-century tenant farmstead
18CH379Area A-1/A-2, Site S A-B6CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricPrehistoric lithic scatters/short-term camps; late 18th- to 20th-century African-American farm complexes & tenant house
18CH380Area A-3, Site A2CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic/Early Woodland camp; Late Woodland base camp; late 18th- or early 19th-century artifact scatter
18CH381Area A-3/B-2, Site D1CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricMiddle Archaic short-term camp; Late Woodland base camp
18CH383Area B-1, Site B1CharlesPrehistoricPrehistoric short-term camp
18CH385Area B-1, Site D1CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic and Late Woodland short-term camp; 18th-century artifact scatter
18CH664Homeland Brick Clamp Site5CharlesHistoricHistoric brick clamp, possibly 18th or 19th century
18CH724Horse Farm #67CharlesHistoric/PrehistoricEarly Archaic & Early Woodland base camp or short-term camp; 18th-, 19th-, & 20th-century farmstead
18CH728Horse Farm #102CharlesHistoricLate 18th- through 19th- or early 20th-century possible razed cabin
18CH821Serenity's Surprise7CharlesHistoric/Prehistoricmid-17th- to early 18th-century domestic site (possible trading post); Early & Middle Woodland base camp
18CR163Getty16CarrollHistoric19th- to 20th-century lime kiln and quarry
18CR224Drechsler Site4CarrollHistoric19th- to 20th-century farmstead
18CR226Lowry (Elizabeth Lowry House)10CarrollHistoricMid-19th- to 20th-century African-American extant house and site
18CV13Brewhouse1CalvertHistoricStanding 18th c. house that was birthplace of Gov. Thomas Johnson
18CV17Stearns5CalvertPrehistoricEarly & Late Archaic and Early, Middle & Late Woodland shell midden; village
18CV60Angelica Knoll1CalvertHistoricPlantation site that most likely represents the residence of Quaker Richard Johns, his family and descendants.
18CV61Ridgely Farm1CalvertHistoric/PrehistoricMulti-component prehistoric; 19th to 20th-century farmstead
18CV65Patterson I22CalvertPrehistoricEarly, Middle & Late Archaic camps and Early, Middle & Late Woodland shell midden/village
18CV83King's Reach25CalvertHistoric/PrehistoricLate 17th- to early 18th-century plantation and prehistoric camp
18CV84King's Reach Quarter7CalvertHistoric/PrehistoricLate 17th to early 18th-century house site and prehistoric camp
18CV91Smith's St. Leonard72CalvertHistoricEarly to mid-18th-century plantation, possible late 17th-century outbuilding
18CV151Bowens Road II39CalvertHistoric/PrehistoricMid-18th to mid-19th-century house site; possible slave quarter; Early Archaic & Late Woodland lithic scatter
18CV152Bowen's Road III1CalvertHistoric/PrehistoricEarly to mid-20th-century farmstead site with standing barn; prehistoric lithic scatter
18CV171Cumberland Palisaded Village63CalvertPrehistoricArchaic and Early and Middle Woodland short-term camp. Late Woodland palisaded village
18CV175Trueman's Appeal7CalvertHistoric19th-century farmstead
18CV217John's Creek Cabin3CalvertHistoric19th to early 20th-century domestic site/country store
18CV271Patuxent Point71CalvertHistoricRemnants of a 17th-century homelot and associated cemetery
18CV272Otter Site19CalvertPrehistoricMiddle Woodland base camp; Archaic to Early Woodland
18CV279Compton/Patuxent II26CalvertHistoric/PrehistoricMid- to late 17th-century homelot; Woodland camp
18CV344Chapline Place/Field Locus 8/ Young Property7CalvertHistoric/PrehistoricCluster of impermanent mid-18th to early 19th-century structures; tenant or slave; prehistoric scatter
18CV350Roberts Site4CalvertHistoric18th-century artifact concentration
18CV426Sukeek's Cabin16CalvertHistoricLate 19th-to early 20th-century African-American cabin ruins
18DO58Horn Point1DorchesterHistoric/PrehistoricLate 17th- and 18th-century house site; Late Archaic and Middle & Late Woodland short-term camp
18DO170Shoal Creek12DorchesterHistoric/PrehistoricEarly Archaic to Late Woodland possible base camps or hamlets; 19th-century domestic scatter
18DO173State Hospital1DorchesterHistoric/PrehistoricPrehistoric short-term camp/lithic reduction site, late 19th- to early 20th-century possible farm building
18DO394Sites 2/82DorchesterHistoric/PrehistoricEarly Woodland base camp,Middle & Late Archaic & Middle & Late Woodland short-term camp; possible 19th- to 20th-century landing
18FR14Biggs Ford34FrederickPrehistoricLate Woodland village with 12 burials
18FR17Nolands Ferry17FrederickHistoric/PrehistoricPaleoindian, Archaic, and Woodland base camp and Late Woodland village; possible early 18th-century house
18FR18Rosenstock24FrederickPrehistoricLate Woodland Village
18FR21Wiles I1FrederickPrehistoricPaleoindian (possible), Middle and Late Archaic, and Early, Middle and Late Woodland short-term resource procurement
18FR82Rose Hill Manor1FrederickHistoric/PrehistoricLate 18th-to 20th-century plantation; Middle & Late Woodland short-term resource procurement
18FR110Wiles II1FrederickPrehistoricLate Archaic and Early, Middle and Late Woodland short-term camp
18FR134Schiefferstadt8FrederickHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic & Late Woodland short-term camp & base camp; mid-18th- to 20th-century standing stone house
18FR320Catoctin Foundry27FrederickHistoricLate 18th-century mill race; early to mid-19th-century iron foundry/forge
18FR321Catoctin Bathhouse, Spring, Race29FrederickHistoricLate 18th to early 20th-century bathhouse and raceway
18FR32318FR323 Catoctin/Renner Burial Ground36FrederickHistoricLate 18th to early 19th-century African-American cemetery
18FR324Catoctin/Carty House5FrederickHistoric19th- to early 20th-century log house foundations
18FR327Catoctin Race Pond1FrederickHistoricEarly 19th- to 20th-century race pond
18FR328Catoctin Three Ore Mines8FrederickHistoricLate 18th- to 19th-century ore mines, charcoal road, and raceway head
18FR333Catoctin Stack 2 Casting Shed16FrederickHistoricLate 19th- to early 20th-century iron furnace stack and casting shed.
18FR575Birely Tannery27FrederickHistoriclate 18th - early 20th c. tannery complex
18FR592Double Pipe Creek1FrederickPrehistoricLate Archaic short-term resource procurement camp
18FR612SHA Site 28FrederickHistoric/PrehistoricMid-19th- to 20th-century farmstead ruin. Possible saw mill (per map); prehistoric lithic scatter
18FR633Shriner2FrederickHistoric/PrehistoricPrehistoric lithic scatter; early 19th- to 20th-century farmstead
18FR636Barbara Fritchie Tea Room19FrederickHistoricLate 18th- to 19th-century urban standing brick house
18FR7315-11FrederickHistoricLate 18th- to early 19th-century possible tenant house site
18FR735Reed-Stitely House3FrederickHistoricMid-19th- to early 20th-century worker's housing/log structure
18FR750Monocacy Blvd Bridge9FrederickPrehistoricEarly & Late Woodland short-term resource procurement/possible base camp
18FR788PORMARC80FrederickHistoric/PrehistoricLate 19th- to 20th-century residential town lots, church & cemetery; Middle Archaic & Early Woodland lithic scatter
18FR808Cannon Bluff1FrederickHistoric/PrehistoricLate 18th- to mid-19th-century artifact scatter; Late 19th-to 20th-century farmstead; prehistoric lithic scatter
18FR853Burhans8FrederickHistoric/PrehistoricPrehistoric lithic scatter; mid-19th-century frame house and lot
18FR984Glenda's Yard5FrederickHistoricMid- to late 19th- and early to mid-20th-century farmstead
18FR989Brengle Site6FrederickHistoricLate 19th-to early 20th-century dwelling, blacksmith shop, farm, and lime kiln
18GA23Friendsville Site172GarrettHistoric/Prehistoricmulti-component Archaic-Woodland site, Monongahela village, early 19th century component
18GA303James Drane House7GarrettHistoricLate 18th- to 20th-century English and German American homestead
18HA148Harford Furnace63HarfordHistoric19th-century iron furnace complex
18HA167Hickory4HarfordHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic base camp, late 18th- to early 19th-century artifact scatter
18HA176Bishop4HarfordHistoric/Prehistoric18th-to 19th-century farmstead, unknown prehistoric context
18HA249Archer1HarfordHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic-Early Woodland short-term resource procurement; late 18th- to early 20th-century farmstead
18HO19Deep Run 64HowardHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic & Late Woodland camp; 18th-century artifacts
18HO33Lower Deep Run West1HowardPrehistoricPrehistoric lithic scatter
18HO52Deep Run Quarry2HowardHistoric/PrehistoricEarly, Middle, & Late Archaic and Early & Late Woodland camp; 19th-century log house site
18HO80Simpsonville Stone Ruins40HowardHistoric18th-, 19th- and 20th-century rural town or village
18HO149Heritage Heights3HowardHistoric/PrehistoricEarly & Middle Archaic camp and late 19th- to early 20th-century house site
18HO190Sorrell1HowardPrehistoricLate Archaic and Woodland short-term resource procurement camp
18HO203Schultz Farm #11HowardHistoric/PrehistoricPossible Paleoindian and Early Woodland quarry; 19th-century house
18HO206Beehive2HowardPrehistoricLate Archaic short-term procurement camp and lithic quarry.
18HO254Montjoy8HowardHistoricLate 18th- to 19th-century occupation; 19th-century standing farmstead
18HO261S. Ridgely Saw Mill8HowardHistoric/PrehistoricEarly 19th- to early 20th-century sawmill; prehistoric lithic scatter
18HO266Haslup/Burns House22HowardHistoric/PrehistoricMid 19th- to mid-20th-century farmstead; prehistoric lithic scatter
18KE292Buck Site2KentHistoricc. 1660-1700 trash pit
18KE352Caulk's Field1KentHistoricWar of 1812 battlefield
18MO1Hughes Site65MontgomeryPrehistoricLate Woodland village and burials; Late Archaic and Early & Middle Woodland smaller component
18MO13Mason Island II22MontgomeryPrehistoricLate Woodland village site in the Potomac Piedmont
18MO274Newton Site1MontgomeryPrehistoricPrehistoric base camp
18MO304Ege-Layhill1MontgomeryPrehistoricEarly Archaic and Early Woodland short-term camp
18MO314Brothers Content1MontgomeryHistoricMid-19th- to 20th-century farmstead cemetery; possible African-American school.
18MO324Magruder House12MontgomeryHistoricLate 18th-century plantation; main house still standing
18MO379E.J. Chiswell Farm Complex Ruins6MontgomeryHistoricLate 18th- to 20th-century farmstead
18MO383J.A Jones Farm Complex3MontgomeryHistoricLate 19th- to 20th-century farmstead
18MO409Edwin Waters House1MontgomeryHistoric19th-century farmstead
18MO609Jackson Homestead/Fairland Branch13MontgomeryHistoric/PrehistoricLate 19th- to early 20th-century African-American homestead; Early to Late Archaic and Early and Late Woodland short-term camp
18MO635Stoney Springs Site 25MontgomeryHistoricLate 19th- to 20th-century house site
18MO639Stoney Springs Site 61MontgomeryHistoric19th- to 20th-century farmstead
18PR33Warfield Site1Prince GeorgesPrehistoricLate Archaic and Early, Middle and Late Woodland short-term camp or base camp
18PR94Indian Creek V/Indian V Site35Prince GeorgesPrehistoricEarly and Late Archaic base camp
18PR96Indian Queen Tavern39Prince GeorgesHistoric/PrehistoricLate 18th- to early 19th-century tavern; 19th-century residence/funeral home/ cabinetmaker; Archaic & Late Woodland
18PR131Broad Creek5Prince GeorgesPrehistoricLate Archaic and Early to Late Woodland base camps.
18PR135Belair Mansion38Prince GeorgesHistoric/Prehistoric18th- to 20th-century plantation.
18PR174Kettering Park1Prince GeorgesPrehistoricLate Archaic-Woodland base camp; short-term resource procurement
18PR175Addison Plantation/Oxon Hill822Prince GeorgesHistoricLate 17th- to 19th-century plantation
18PR225Melwood Park50Prince GeorgesHistoric18th- to 19th-century plantation complex
18PR290Bealle Hill Site1Prince GeorgesHistoric/PrehistoricEarly and Late Archaic and Early and Late Woodland short-term camp/quarry; 19th- to 20th-century farmstead ruin
18PR317Obarr Site1Prince GeorgesPrehistoricEarly and Late Woodland short-term hunting encampment
18PR321PD #11Prince GeorgesHistoric/PrehistoricMiddle Archaic, Woodland base camp; 18th-to 19th-century artifact concentration
18PR323PD #44Prince GeorgesPrehistoricLate Woodland base camp with shell midden
18PR370ADDWAT V-21Prince GeorgesHistoric/PrehistoricMiddle Woodland, Late Woodland ceramic scatter; 19th-century artifact concentration
18PR373ADDWAT V-51Prince GeorgesPrehistoricLate Woodland ceramic scatter
18PR374AADWAT V-61Prince GeorgesHistoric/PrehistoricLate Woodland ceramic scatter; possible 19th-century structure
18PR376Lower Notley Hall13Prince GeorgesHistoric/PrehistoricLate Woodland ceramic scatter; 18th- to 19th-century farmstead.
18PR399KCI-90-11Prince GeorgesPrehistoricLate Archaic and Late Woodland short-term resource procurement
18PR404Surratts Road #11Prince GeorgesPrehistoricArchaic and Late Woodland short-term resource procurement
18PR416Pheasants Thicket3Prince GeorgesHistoric19th- to 20th-century farmstead
18PR460Bevard-44Prince GeorgesPrehistoricLate Archaic, Early Woodland short-term camp
18PR510Willow Grove21Prince GeorgesHistoricLate 18th-to late 20th-century plantation site and cemetery
18PR557Pentland Hills2Prince GeorgesHistoric18th- to 19th-century house site; early 19th-century farmstead ruin
18PR579Beechwood3Prince GeorgesHistoric18th- to 20th-century farmstead; frame structure; artifact concentration
18PR580Bowieville Mansion1Prince GeorgesHistoric18th- to 20th-century plantation/farmstead, structures, possible slave quarter, brick kiln
18PR622Parker Berry 12Prince GeorgesPrehistoricLate Woodland to Contact period hamlet. Late Archaic short-term camp
18PR628Site 2, Area A32Prince GeorgesPrehistoricEarly to Late Archaic and Early to Late Woodland base camp or short-term camps
18PR657Area G1Prince GeorgesPrehistoricEarly & Late Archaic and Early, Middle, & Late Woodland lithic resource procurement & processing site
18PR659Oak Creek A1Prince GeorgesHistoricMid-18th- to early 19th-century possible tenant house site
18PR665Oak Creek G1Prince GeorgesHistoricEarly to mid-18th-century possible tenant house site
18PR669Oak Creek K1Prince GeorgesHistoricLate 18th- to 19th-century possible tenant house site
18PR677Oak Creek S1Prince GeorgesHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic short-term camp; mid-19th- to mid-20th-century house ruin
18PR692Salubria20Prince GeorgesHistoric/PrehistoricLate Woodland short-term camp; 19th-century plantation
18PR703Garretts Chance 29Prince GeorgesHistoric/PrehistoricLate Woodland lithic scatter; late 17th- to early 18th-century domestic site; possible tenant house
18PR705Pleasant Prospect43Prince GeorgesHistoricMid-18th- to early 19th-century domestic site
18PR707Fairview10Prince GeorgesHistoricLate 18th- to early 20th-century plantation/farmstead
18PR754Rose Mount6Prince GeorgesHistoricLate 18th- to mid-20th-century brick farmstead ruin; home of 21st Governor of Maryland; possible burial site
18PR833AOS1/Francis Marbury29Prince GeorgesHistoric18th-century structural foundations associated with a plantation house, kitchen and outbuildings.
18PR950Colt's Neck4Prince GeorgesHistoricLate 19th- to mid-20th-century residence
18PR982Magruder House12Prince GeorgesHistoric/PrehistoricMid-18th- to 20th-century stone town dwelling; Early Archaic & Early Woodland short-term camps
18PR983Market Master House21Prince GeorgesHistoric/PrehistoricMid-18th- to 20th-century stone dwelling and/or commercial establishment; Late Archaic & Woodland short-term camps
18PR1043Bladensburg Library2Prince GeorgesHistoric/Prehistoric Late Archaic/Transitional short-term camp; early 19th- to early 20th-century schoolhouse
18PR1079TRC MQ-83Prince GeorgesPrehistoricHigh density artifact concentration
18PR1081TRC MQ-102Prince Georges  
18QU28Bennett's Point9Queen AnnesHistoric/PrehistoricArchaic - Woodland lithics, Late 17th- to mid-18th-century plantation house
18QU124Queenstown Courthouse13Queen AnnesHistoricEarly 18th- to 20th-century site of former courthouse for Queenstown
18QU240Great Neck Road1Queen AnnesHistoricLate 18th- to 19th-century tenant house site
18QU987Church Hill Hunt5Queen AnnesHistoric/PrehistoricRemains of late 18th - to 19th-century farmstead and prehistoric lithic scatter
18QU990Church Hill Streetscape11Queen AnnesHistoric18th-, 19th- & 20th-century commercial & residential district; streetscape
18SO147Loretto Branch3SomersetHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic and Middle Woodland lithic scatter; early to late 19th-century tenant/slave house
18ST53Abells Wharf39St MarysHistoric/PrehistoricEarly-Late Archaic short-term camp; Early-Late Woodland shell midden; late 17th- to mid- 18th-century farmstead
18ST54Sotterly Plantation8St MarysHistoricEarly 18th-century plantation, mid-19th-century slave quarter
18ST61Point Lookout12St MarysHistoricMid-19th-century Civil War hospital; ca. 1830 standing lighthouse
18ST75Upper Notley2St MarysHistoricEarly 18th-century house site; mid- to late 18th-century standing structure and trash pit
18ST88Woodlawn5St MarysHistoricEarly 19th-century house and exterior kitchen
18ST272M-17 (22) Area 414St MarysHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic to Middle Woodland short-term camp, late 17th- and 18th-century refuse midden
18ST400Charlotte Hall Academy2St MarysHistoricLate 18th- to 20th-century military academy
18ST569Myrtle Point12St MarysPrehistoricEarly & Late Archaic and Early, Middle, and Late Woodland short-term resource procurement camps or base camps
18ST570Thomas Point6St MarysPrehistoricLate Archaic and Middle-Late woodland shell midden
18ST625Steam Ship Columbus1St MarysHistoric1850 wreck of an 1828 cross head steam ship
18ST634Aud Site9St MarysPrehistoricEarly Archaic through LateWoodland short-term resource procurement camps
18ST668G-11St MarysHistoric18th-century house site
18ST670L-12St MarysHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic-Late Woodland short-term camps; late 17th to -mid-18th-century house site and mid-19th- to mid 20th-century scatter
18ST673P-12St MarysHistoric/PrehistoricMiddle Archaic short-term resource procurement, late 18th- to mid-19th-century artifact scatter/possible dump
18ST676AA-14St MarysHistoric/PrehistoricMiddle Woodland base camp or hamlet, late 18th- to mid-19th-century artifact concentration
18ST677AA-25St MarysHistoric/PrehistoricLate Archaic and Late Woodland short-term camp, late 17th-century farmstead
18TA237Poplar Island North3TalbotHistoricLate 17th- to 19th-century possible structure; artifact concentration within layers of redeposited beach sand.
18TA355Pleasant Valley Farm20TalbotHistoric/PrehistoricMid 17th- to early 18th- and early 18th- to late 18th-century house sites; standing late 18th-century farmstead; Early Archaic camp
18WA20Fort Frederick140WashingtonHistoric/Prehistoric18th- to 19th-century stone fortification; prehistoric short-term camp
18WA288Antietam Furnace Complex11WashingtonHistoric18th-century iron furnace complex, ruins
18WA454Reiff5WashingtonHistoric19th-century possible structure; artifact concentration
18WA467Ridenour Site7WashingtonHistoricLate 18th - to 20th-century farm complex
18WA487Mt. Aetna Site6WashingtonHistoric/PrehistoricEarly & Late Archaic & Early, Middle, & Late Woodland rhyolite processing; 19th- to 20th-century crossroads
18WC15Reeves53WicomicoPrehistoricLate Archaic, and Early, Middle and Late Woodland village
18WO23Nassawango Creek21WorcesterPrehistoricPaleoindian & Early, Middle, & Late Archaic & Late Woodland camp;Early Woodland Adena site
18WO165Woodcock Farm Shell Midden2WorcesterPrehistoricLate Archaic and Middle to Late Woodland period shell midden.

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