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18WA20Fort Frederick  (140 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18WA20 Medium Brown Soil Feature 
18WA20 Brick FeatureTrench II. Single layer of unmortared of round stone and brick bats, 4'x1'.
18WA20 Cellar FeatureSubterranean basement/root cellar. North end of west barrack. 8'x8' floor. 4.5' deep with possibly sloping entryway.
18WA20 Charcoal Concentration39"x22", 1/2" deep.
18WA20 Curved DisturbancePossible remains of powder magazine or other structure.
18WA20 Feature 100Possible circular posthole. Probably contemporary with Feature 10 (CCC Trench).
18WA20 Feature 102Oval posthole.
18WA20 Feature 103Oval posthole.
18WA20 Feature 106Deep trench.
18WA20 Feature 108Possible dripline.
18WA20 Feature 109Dark, thick soil deposit of unknown function. Feature 115 is part of Feature 109.
18WA20 Feature 10AOvular postmold within Feature 10 (CCC Trench).
18WA20 Feature 112Circular posthole.
18WA20 Feature 113A-CCircular postmold.
18WA20 Feature 114Linear stain.
18WA20 Feature 115Possible circular posthole. Part of Feature 109.
18WA20 Feature 118Small oval postmold.
18WA20 Feature 119Small oval postmold.
18WA20 Feature 12Rectangular posthole.
18WA20 Feature 120Small circular postmold.
18WA20 Feature 121Large rectangular posthole.
18WA20 Feature 122Small circular posthole.
18WA20 Feature 123Rectangular posthole.
18WA20 Feature 124Rectangular posthole.
18WA20 Feature 125Kidney shaped posthole.
18WA20 Feature 126Small oval postmold.
18WA20 Feature 127Small circular postmold.
18WA20 Feature 128Large stain along west wall. Possibly associated with Feature 346.
18WA20 Feature 12ACircular postmold within Feature 12.
18WA20 Feature 13Rectangular posthole.
18WA20 Feature 131Possible oval posthole.
18WA20 Feature 132Stone foundation.
18WA20 Feature 134Large circular/ovular probable postmold.
18WA20 Feature 135Oblong, medium probable postmold.
18WA20 Feature 136Small circular postmold.
18WA20 Feature 137Medium circular possible postmold. Goes into wall.
18WA20 Feature 138Small circular probable postmold.
18WA20 Feature 139Large rectangular probable postmold.
18WA20 Feature 140Large rectangular probable postmold.
18WA20 Feature 141Large circular probable postmold.
18WA20 Feature 142Medium circular possible postmold.
18WA20 Feature 143Medium circular probable postmold.
18WA20 Feature 144Medium circular possible postmold.
18WA20 Feature 145Small circular possible postmold.
18WA20 Feature 146Very small, circular possible postmold.
18WA20 Feature 148Small, irregularly shaped posthole.
18WA20 Feature 149Medium circular postmold.
18WA20 Feature 15Rectangular possible posthole.
18WA20 Feature 150Small, circular probable postmold.
18WA20 Feature 151Large, irregular probable postmold.
18WA20 Feature 152Medium circular postmold.
18WA20 Feature 153Small, oval probable postmold.
18WA20 Feature 154Large rectangular postmold.
18WA20 Feature 155Small, circular possible postmold.
18WA20 Feature 156Small, oval possible postmold.
18WA20 Feature 157Small rectangular postmold.
18WA20 Feature 158Large, irregular possible postmold.
18WA20 Feature 159Medium circular postmold.
18WA20 Feature 160Medium rectangular postmold.
18WA20 Feature 161Small rectangular postmold.
18WA20 Feature 162Small, circular possible postmold.
18WA20 Feature 164Circular, stain possible postmold.
18WA20 Feature 165Small rectangular stain.
18WA20 Feature 166Linear trench-like stain.
18WA20 Feature 168Large circular posthole.
18WA20 Feature 168ASmall circular postmold.
18WA20 Feature 169Deep trench.
18WA20 Feature 169AMedium circular postmold.
18WA20 Feature 17Large circular pit. More than 277 artifacts.
18WA20 Feature 170Ashy irregular stain with rock.
18WA20 Feature 171Rectangular stain with red clay, rock and bone.
18WA20 Feature 173Small circular postmold in Feature 34.
18WA20 Feature 174Medium, circular possible postmold in association with Feature 169.
18WA20 Feature 177Small, circular possible postmold in association with Feature 169.
18WA20 Feature 19Pit.
18WA20 Feature 19ADark soil at base of Feature 19.
18WA20 Feature 2Small, circular possible postmold.
18WA20 Feature 20Deep, square-edged pit.
18WA20 Feature 20ACircular posthole.
18WA20 Feature 21Small, possible pit.
18WA20 Feature 22Officers quarters building foundation. Located within multiple units.
18WA20 Feature 27Possible circular postmold. Date based on associations.
18WA20 Feature 29Stone and mortar pier/footer. Possibly associated with officers' quarter.
18WA20 Feature 3Small circular postmold.
18WA20 Feature 30Small, circular, but irregular possible postmold.
18WA20 Feature 31Small circular postmold.
18WA20 Feature 32Small, circular possible postmold.
18WA20 Feature 33Small, circular possible postmold.
18WA20 Feature 34Deep trench. Possible French and Indian War period.
18WA20 Feature 35Small circular postmold.
18WA20 Feature 36Circular possible postmold.
18WA20 Feature 37Small circular postmold.
18WA20 Feature 4Large, shallow pit likely associated with Feature 4A.
18WA20 Feature 40Stone and mortar pier/footer.
18WA20 Feature 41Deep trench. Possibly French and Indian War period.
18WA20 Feature 44Circular posthole. Possibly French and Indian War period.
18WA20 Feature 46Narrow, dark linear stain. Possibly French and Indian War period.
18WA20 Feature 47Small circular posthole.
18WA20 Feature 49Possible circular posthole.
18WA20 Feature 4ALarge shallow pit, likely associated with Feature 4.
18WA20 Feature 50Rectangular posthole.
18WA20 Feature 51Rectangular posthole.
18WA20 Feature 51ACircular postmold within Feature 51 (posthole).
18WA20 Feature 53Possible large posthole or pit.
18WA20 Feature 55Stone and mortar pier/footer.
18WA20 Feature 57Posthole. Observed in wall profile only.
18WA20 Feature 58Large circular posthole.
18WA20 Feature 59Circular posthole.
18WA20 Feature 61Rectangular posthole.
18WA20 Feature 62Burnt pit within Feature 60.
18WA20 Feature 69Possible oval posthole.
18WA20 Feature 7Small, likely circular posthole. Continues into wall. Not fully excavated.
18WA20 Feature 74Small circular postmold.
18WA20 Feature 75Rectangular posthole.
18WA20 Feature 76Possible circular posthole.
18WA20 Feature 77Linear/elongated oval stain.
18WA20 Feature 79Rectangular posthole.
18WA20 Feature 80Possible small, circular posthole.
18WA20 Feature 81Possible very small, circular postmold.
18WA20 Feature 82Possible very small, circular postmold.
18WA20 Feature 87ALathe-like vertical post.
18WA20 Feature 87BLathe-like vertical post.
18WA20 Feature 87CLathe-like vertical post.
18WA20 Feature 87DLathe-like vertical post.
18WA20 Feature 89Oval shaped stain. Likely associated with Features 87A-D.
18WA20 Feature 9Large circular pit.
18WA20 Feature 90Small, rectangular postmold. Likely associated with Feature 87A-D.
18WA20 Feature 91Rock filled posthole. Likely associated with Feature 87A-D.
18WA20 Feature 94A-PSmall circular postmolds.
18WA20 Feature 95Basin shaped pit.
18WA20 Garbage LayerBrick, ash and charcoal.
18WA20 Gravel Concentration4.5' wide 6" deep. Excavated by CCC in 1930's. Path leading to brick feature in Trench II.
18WA20 Mortar and Stone ConcentrationMortar and stone concentration in SW Bastion area.
18WA20 Pit/Trench FeatureCombined pit and trench-like disturbance. Trench is expanded on one side into a pit-like feature.
18WA20 Planting BedPossible planting bed. Shallow pocket of mottled brown clay loam.
18WA20 Possible DisturbanceNo measurements taken, no artifacts.
18WA20 Rock and Refuse DepositConcentration of domestic refuse. Bone and earthenware artifacts.
18WA20 Round Refuse DepositRoughly round shaped refuse deposit 35' south of north foundation wall and near east side of fireplace footings. 4.5' diameter. Possibly related to 18th century button manufacture.
18WA20 Trash ConcentrationConcentration of trash.
18WA20 Very Large Pit-Like DisturbanceTrench C. 13.5'x50", 29" deep. Possibly from repairs or cellar.

18WA288Antietam Furnace Complex  (11 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18WA288 Feature 1Stone capped channel.
18WA288 Feature 2Stone wall; 2 courses dry-laid sandstone.
18WA288 Feature 3Roughly linear with deep circular hole in center. Partially destroyed by backhoe.
18WA288 Feature 4Beneath Feature 3. Four flat, stacked shale stones.
18WA288 Feature 6Trough-like feature.
18WA288 Feature J 1Extended over Feature 1 and may have been excavated with Feature 1. Semi-circular and probably assocated with unexcavated Feature 5.
18WA288 Feature J 2Circular with linear projection. Possibly the same feature as Feature N 1, but cut in half by backhoe trench.
18WA288 Feature J 3Small circular depression.
18WA288 Feature KLoose gravel and ore, partially destroyed by backhoe. Resembled a possible part of Feature 3 trench.
18WA288 Feature N 1Unidentified, bowl shaped, and with round deep hole in center.
18WA288 Feature P 1Shallow linear trench abutting retaining wall.

18WA454Reiff  (5 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18WA454 N20E130 Stratum 3Probable planting hole.
18WA454 N38E95May be related to Stratum 3A of Unit N60E90.
18WA454 N55E90 Stratum 3Excavation incomplete. Structural foundation.
18WA454 N55E95 Stratum 4Unidentified rock cluster. Excavation incomplete.
18WA454 N60E90 Stratum 3APossible remains of a pier.

18WA467Ridenour Site  (7 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18WA467 Feature 10-1Postmold or buried post.
18WA467 Feature 3-1Articulated wall. 6 1/2' x 6 1/2' structure. Smokehouse.
18WA467 Feature 5-1Wooden barrel base. Possibly related to landscaping.
18WA467 Feature 6-1Buried domestic midden.
18WA467 Feature 7-1Builder's trench.
18WA467 Feature 7-2Dry laid brick walkway.
18WA467 Feature 7-3Hearth base attached to limestone outbuilding foundation.

18WA487Mt. Aetna Site  (6 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18WA487 Feature 35-02Radiocarbon suggests middle Woodland period. Artifacts represent late Archaic and later Woodland periods.
18WA487 Feature 41-01Possible post mold or root mold. Entire feature matrix taken as flotation sample; no botanical remains.
18WA487 Feature 45-01Possibly rodent disturbed. Possibly represents a small pit.
18WA487 Feature 47-01Southern half taken as flotation sample.
18WA487 Feature 48-01Unidentified function. Could represent small burn area, or remains of hearth clean-out activity.
18WA487 Feature 81/01 & 83/01Possible root mold or hearth/burning area. Radiocarbon date inconsistent with diagnostic artifacts found. Could likely be an intrusive burned root. Western half removed as soil sample.

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