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18QU28Bennett's Point  (9 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18QU28 Cistern 1Cistern 1 (ER58).
18QU28 Cistern IIPaved with limestone slabs. Unknown quantity of artifacts.
18QU28 Cistern IIICistern III (ER64B).
18QU28 Cistern IV 
18QU28 Dwelling FoundationBrick house foundation. Cistern I,II,III and IV located inside. Burned in 1760's.
18QU28 Eroding PitEroding pit feature.
18QU28 Pit APit A. No map or profile drawing.
18QU28 Shell PathwayShell pathway.
18QU28 Trash CacheOutside of foundatin wall.

18QU124Queenstown Courthouse  (13 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18QU124 2 Posthole 1Lacks provenience/site records. Area 1. Late group artifacts.
18QU124 3 Posthole 7Lacks provenience/site records. Area 1. Late group artifacts.
18QU124 ChimneyLacks provenience/site records. Area 1. Foundation of a rear outside chimney once associated with courthouse when it was moved in 19th century. 36"x56"x4' deep. Late group artifact.
18QU124 Chimney Builder's TrenchArea 1. Late group artifacts interpreted as "Chimney Builder's Trench". May refer to single trench associated with brick chimney foundation.
18QU124 Feature 1Lacks provenience records. Area 1. Early group artifacts.
18QU124 Feature 3TArea 1. Early group artifacts.
18QU124 Feature 4(?)Area 1. Unknown feature type because of lack of records.
18QU124 Feature 4.6Area 1. May be a posthole like Posthole 1. Late group artifacts.
18QU124 Feature 9Area 1. Early group artifacts.
18QU124 Fireplace Builder's TrenchArea 1. May refer to single trench associated with brick chimney foundation, "Fireplace Builders Trench". Late group artifacts.
18QU124 Posthole 2Lacks provenience/site records. Area I. Early group artifacts.
18QU124 Trench 2Trench. Area 1. Late group artifacts.
18QU124 WellUncertain origin date. Filled in 20th century. 17' of 19' were excavated. Area 4. Only 1 bag of artifacts was labeled as well provenience. Late period artifacts.

18QU240Great Neck Road  (1 feature)

FeatureFeature Notes
18QU240 Feature 1Brick floor or foundation remnant. Part of domestic structure.

18QU987Church Hill Hunt  (5 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18QU987 Feature 1-01Brick and frame building. 20'X20'. 96% of assemblage is architectural. 18th - early 20th century occupation on site.
18QU987 Feature 2-01Brick, partially robbed. Filled early 20th century. Possible late 18th - early 19th century structure.
18QU987 Feature 4Possible pier. Unexcavated.
18QU987 Feature 9-01Possible brick and stone pier. 26"x35", left in place unexcavated. Probably pier for 18th century structure demolished in early 20th.
18QU987 Feature 9-02Overlay Feature 2-01, up to 20" thick. Single fill event contains artifacts from 18th and 19th century as well.

18QU990Church Hill Streetscape  (11 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18QU990 Feature 1Unanticipated find outside the monitored areas. Possibly represents ruins of an outbuilding with 20th century refuse overlaying. "Grab sample" of artifacts.
18QU990 Feature 10Mid to late 19th century residential or mixed-use building foundation.
18QU990 Feature 11Two rows of mortared brick. Appeared to be the corner of a building. Artifacts associated with this feature were located just north of the foundation.
18QU990 Feature 2Series of terracotta pipe segments and the associated trench fill. Grab sample of artifacts.
18QU990 Feature 3/3aUtility trench containing a small bore utility pipe.
18QU990 Feature 4Possible yard deposits/trash disposal site. Tested with two units and "grab sampling."
18QU990 Feature 5Partial foundation.
18QU990 Feature 6Single wall of a foundation. Appears to represent the eastern wall or porch addition of a mixed use dwelling/commercial building.
18QU990 Feature 7Possible brick curb or pier for a frame structure.
18QU990 Feature 8Foundation of molded bricks with a shell and sand based mortar.
18QU990 Feature 9Roughly 3x1 foot segment of brick paving. Probable walkway.

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