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18HO19Deep Run 6  (4 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18HO19 Feature 1Posthole; straight sided with flat bottom. Similar to, and possibly related to Feature 3.
18HO19 Feature 2Subplowzone remains of a rectangular, flat bottomed, straight sided pit. Interpreted as a root cellar, ~3.5 meters long by 1-1.5 meters wide.
18HO19 Feature 3Posthole, similar to, and possibly related to Feature 1.
18HO19 Feature 4Posthole adjacent to set wall of Feature 2 (pit/root cellar).

18HO33Lower Deep Run West  (1 feature)

FeatureFeature Notes
18HO33 Non-Feature Artifact CollectionArtifact count includes 108 historic artifacts cataloged as "miscellaneous." Of prehistoric artifacts, 886 are debitage.

18HO52Deep Run Quarry  (2 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18HO52 Feature 2Shallow "shadow feature" burned into the ground when the structure burned. Artifact count is an estimate. (More artifacts were recovered from plowzone than the two features)
18HO52 Feature 5Shallow "shadow feature" burned into the ground when the structure burned. Artifact count is an estimate. (More artifacts were recovered from plowzone than the two features)

18HO80Simpsonville Stone Ruins  (40 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18HO80 Feature 1Mill. Three of four walls still standing. Evidence of fire.
18HO80 Feature 10Series of bridge supports.
18HO80 Feature 10ABridge support, in the best condition of 4.
18HO80 Feature 10BBridge support.
18HO80 Feature 10CBridge support.
18HO80 Feature 10DBridge support.
18HO80 Feature 11Possible sawmill location.
18HO80 Feature 12Overflow, waste race, partially investigated by SHA Archaeology group.
18HO80 Feature 13Pre-1949 road alignment.
18HO80 Feature 17Test Unit in center of foundation.
18HO80 Feature 18Mill path, stone/cobble. 100 meters long.
18HO80 Feature 19Possible concrete floodgate.
18HO80 Feature 2Headrace. STP's only.
18HO80 Feature 20Ash layer.
18HO80 Feature 22Cement pit. Possible step for shaft that rotated mill stones.
18HO80 Feature 23Wheelwright shop. Original log cabin structure moved in 1984.
18HO80 Feature 25Possible structure. Magnetic anomoly.
18HO80 Feature 26Burnt. Resembles cultural midden rather than discrete feature.
18HO80 Feature 27Part of the Feature 6b (possible structural foundation) complex.
18HO80 Feature 28Blacksmith shop. Trench excavation did not reveal features.
18HO80 Feature 29Sand fill associated with Feature 13 (road).
18HO80 Feature 3Pit shaped depression with stone walls. Magnetometer survey.
18HO80 Feature 30Given its own site number (18HO211). Features located during evaluative testing. All located outside of the right of way.
18HO80 Feature 31Possible cobble pavement. Associated with Feature 25. Unknown whether it is cultural or natural.
18HO80 Feature 32Possible trench.
18HO80 Feature 33Myerly house, AKA Vogel House or Owings Myerly House. Received its own site number, 18HO210. STP's and test unit revealed no significant contribution to resources.
18HO80 Feature 34Waste race.
18HO80 Feature 38Fieldstone retaining wall. Built at unknown date to separate Robinson House from the road.
18HO80 Feature 4General store, excavated first by Upper Patuxent Archaeology Group (no records). Total of 72 test units.
18HO80 Feature 41Culturally sensitive area. High artifact density.
18HO80 Feature 42Possible tenant cabin location.
18HO80 Feature 43Culturally sensitive area.
18HO80 Feature 44Oyster shell midden.
18HO80 Feature 45Possibly associated with Robinson house.
18HO80 Feature 46Owings Cemetery; 4 grave stones. (Not tested.)
18HO80 Feature 5Earthen terrace.
18HO80 Feature 6Possible foundation.
18HO80 Feature 7Stable or garage foundations
18HO80 Feature 8Terraced platform.
18HO80 Feature 9Concrete floodgate associated with Feature 12.

18HO149Heritage Heights  (3 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18HO149 Feature 1Earthen mound, probable farmhouse foundation. Artifact count is for Test Unit 3 which was used to investigate Feature 1.
18HO149 Feature 2Brick scatter, probable chimney fall associated with Feature 1 structure. Artifact count unknown.
18HO149 Feature 3Historic trash midden/dump, burned. Tested with Test Unit 1. Artifact total for STP 22 and Test Unit 1 which were placed to investigate Feature 3. Entire feature not excavated.

18HO190Sorrell  (1 feature)

FeatureFeature Notes
18HO190 Non-Feature Artifact CollectionBlood residue analysis on 5 artifacts were positive for deer, canine and feline antiserum.

18HO203Schultz Farm #1  (1 feature)

FeatureFeature Notes
18HO203 Non-Feature Artifact CollectionHistoric component not discussed in detail. Not considered archaeologically significant. Artifact count is largely lithic debitage.

18HO206Beehive  (2 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18HO206 Feature 1301Cobble concentration. Phase III data indicate feature sampled eroded material which had eroded out from the terrace. The artifacts most likely represent naturally redeposited artifacts.
18HO206 Feature 54-1Historic charcoaling pit feature.

18HO254Montjoy  (8 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18HO254 Feature 1Domestic artifact midden. Artifact count unknown.
18HO254 Feature 2Garden patio or walkway. Artifact count unknown.
18HO254 Feature 3Isolated concrete mass situated east of Feature 2 (walkway or garden patio).
18HO254 Feature 4C-shaped line of bricks, landscape/garden related. Artifact count unknown.
18HO254 Feature 518th or early 19th century cellar with stone-lined floor. Pre-dates extant mansion. Artifact count unknown.
18HO254 Feature 6Only edge of trashpit feature was exposed/excavated.
18HO254 Feature 7Fieldstone walkway leading from mansion to outbuildings. Artifact count unknown.
18HO254 Feature 8Possible trench (or natural feature) connected to nearby garage/workshop.

18HO261S. Ridgely Saw Mill  (8 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18HO162 Feature 10Above-ground wheel pit feature.
18HO261 Feature 1Foundation wall consisting of large, rough cut in-situ stones.
18HO261 Feature 3Builder's trench adjacent to retaining wall.
18HO261 Feature 4Subsuface foundation wall consisting of rough cut mortared stones.
18HO261 Feature 6Visible narrow ditch. North of foundations.
18HO261 Feature 7Channel, south of the foundations.
18HO261 Feature 8Raceway.
18HO261 Feature 9Foundation and retaining walls. Above-ground features

18HO266Haslup/Burns House  (22 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18HO266 Feature 1Remnants of main dwelling house, 1908 replacement. Structure burned c. 1960s-70s.
18HO266 Feature 10Interior wall of dwelling constructed of cut granite stone.
18HO266 Feature 13Hearth/chimney related to tenant house.
18HO266 Feature 14Concrete floor. At different elevation than Feature 20 floor. Not removed.
18HO266 Feature 15Narrow brick wall/joist running east to west through outbuilding (Feature 3).
18HO266 Feature 16Concrete floor.
18HO266 Feature 17Concrete floor.
18HO266 Feature 18Brick structural feature similar to Feature 19.
18HO266 Feature 19Brick structural feature similar to Feature 18.
18HO266 Feature 2 
18HO266 Feature 20Concrete floor. At different elevation than Feature 14 floor.
18HO266 Feature 21Possible builder's trench along south wall of main dwelling.
18HO266 Feature 22Pipe trench for septic system.
18HO266 Feature 23Sidewalk running along northern edge of Feature 1 (main dwelling house).
18HO266 Feature 24Artifact concentration. Contained high percentage of architectural debris.
18HO266 Feature 3Unidentified outbuilding.
18HO266 Feature 4Unidentified outbuilding.
18HO266 Feature 5Artifact concentration.
18HO266 Feature 6Similar to Feature 7, unidentified compact assemblage of cut granite and field stones.
18HO266 Feature 7Similar to Feature 6, unidentified compact assemblage of cut granite and field stones.
18HO266 Feature 8Ceramic drain pipe.
18HO266 Feature 9Septic tank related to dwelling.

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