Sites by County, Dorchester (4)

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18DO58Horn Point  (1 feature)

FeatureFeature Notes
18DO58 DwellingMostly volunteer-excavated project with limited records and no report. Dwelling as a whole included building foundations, root cellar, chimney, hearth, and walkway.

18DO170Shoal Creek  (12 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18DO170 Feature 1Cultural origin uncertain. Probable treefall or irregular pit.
18DO170 Feature 15Prehistoric post or taproot.
18DO170 Feature 20 
18DO170 Feature 21Posthole or planting feature.
18DO170 Feature 22Remnant of probable storage pit, truncated by plowing. Similar to Feature 26.
18DO170 Feature 25Irregular. Possible pit or burrow/tree.
18DO170 Feature 26Remnant of probable storage pit, truncated by plowing. Similar to Feature 22.
18DO170 Feature 27Possible pit or tree throw.
18DO170 Feature 28Possible pit or large tree throw, similar to Feature 1.
18DO170 Feature 5Possible historic fencepost or taproot.
18DO170 Feature 7Shallow, rock-lined basin. Hearth or roasting/steaming pit.
18DO170 Feature 8Possible prehistoric post or tap root.

18DO173State Hospital  (1 feature)

FeatureFeature Notes
18DO173 Non-Feature Artifact CollectionArtifact count includes 194 prehistoric and 193 historic artifacts.

18DO394Sites 2/8  (2 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18DO394 Possible HearthPossible hearth remnant.
18DO394 Pot Break59 Wolfe Neck sherds found in Test Unit 9. Fifteen are probably associated with pot break vessel. Artifact count only reflects sherds, unknown if other artifact types recovered.

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