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18CH73Pomonkey North  (10 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH73 Feature 1Fire cracked rock, 4 flakes, 2 pottery
18CH73 Feature 2Dark circular stain about 4 foot diameter, Popes Creek pottery, Early/Middle Woodland and Late Woodland pottery
18CH73 Feature 3Circular feature, mainly lithics
18CH73 Feature 4Irregular feature, flakes, shatter, and 1 hammerstone
18CH73 Feature 5Red sandy clay with rock inclusions
18CH73 Feature 62.0 foot diameter circular pit, mostly lithics, Early/Middle Woodland pottery
18CH73 Locus 1Locus 1 consisted of 1 5x5 foot unit, Early to Late Woodland pottery (Accokeek, Pope's Creek), FCR, soapstone bowl, 6 points
18CH73 Locus 28 test units in this locus and six possible features
18CH73 Locus 31 5x5 foot test unit
18CH73 Locus 43 5x5 foot test units

18CH79Chapel Point  (3 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH79 Feature 1Burial collapsing out of bank at Chapel Point, MD. Shaft of Skeleton 2 (Feature 2) intrudes shaft of Skeleton 1 (Feature 1). East-west orientation. Male, 50+, osteoarthritis. *Please contact MacLab regarding questions about this collection.
18CH79 Feature 2Sub-adult, very poor condition. East to west orientation. Skeleton 2 (Feature 2) shaft intrudes Skeleton 1 (Feature 1) grave shaft. Male, 5-6 years old.
18CH79 Feature 5No intact skeletal material. Coffin bottom remained in situ. Material recovered from the botttom of the shaft represents both adult and sub-adult individuals. Mixing probably occurred during backfill.

18CH305Camp Stanton  (8 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH305 Buried A HorizonCivil War artifacts from Buried A horizon
18CH305 Feature 1Cellar measuring >5 ft. x 9.1 ft; much evidence of ash, charcoal and burning; feature possibly associated with a slave quarter
18CH305 Feature 24.1 x 5.1 burned clay hearth from a tent dwelling; possibly officer's tent
18CH305 Feature 4Hearth area associated with Structure 1 tent structure
18CH305 Structure 1Civil War tent structure, 8 x 11.2 ft.; contains hearth
18CH305 Structure 2Civil War tent structure; 8.6 x 9.5 ft., contains hearth
18CH305 Structure 3Civil War tent structure, 8.6 x 11.15 ft., contains hearth
18CH305 Structure 4Civil War tent structure, 8.4 x 8.5 ft., no hearth

18CH308Two Friends Site  (25 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH308 Feature 14 overlapping pits.
18CH308 Feature 19Small round pit, 3.1'x3.5'.
18CH308 Feature 2Square postmold.
18CH308 Feature 20Small round pit, similar to Feature 19. 3.8'x4.8'.
18CH308 Feature 21Part of Feature 4 complex, could be earliest of pit features. Only wine bottle neck found could date to 1735. Only diagnostic ceramic was Delftware.
18CH308 Feature 22Feature 29 cuts into Feature 22. Located at the outer edge of the pit complex. 3.6'x3.1'. No temporal diagnostic artifacts, but the collection resembled those from nearby pits.
18CH308 Feature 23Small pit, roughly square, shallow.
18CH308 Feature 24Cut by Feature 39 (posthole). Could also be one of earliest pits.
18CH308 Feature 25Small trash pit near Features 19, 20. 2.8'x2.8'.
18CH308 Feature 26Oyster shell and goat skull, no cultural material. Shallow pit.
18CH308 Feature 28Small posthole that could not be associated with fence lines or other structure.
18CH308 Feature 29Cuts into Feature 22. 4.1'x4.2'. Basin-shaped with small depression observed in the eastern end may represent a separate small excavation.
18CH308 Feature 30Overlaps Features 35 and 36. Oval surface, 5'x3'.
18CH308 Feature 31Basin-shaped pit. Appears to be roughly contemporary with rest of Feature 4. Artifacts also contemporary with those in Feature 4 Stratum B. 2.9'X2.5'.
18CH308 Feature 32No distinction while excavating, however the bottom had three distinct depressions indicating 3 overlapping pits.
18CH308 Feature 33a/33bOriginally one feature. Discovered to be 2 pits. Feature 19 cuts into Feature 33B.
18CH308 Feature 34Round, basin-shaped pit, 3'x2.7'.
18CH308 Feature 35Cut by Features 20 and 30, 3.8'x3'.
18CH308 Feature 36East of Feature 4 complex, 6.8'x4.2'. Lens of fine sand indicating it was open for some time.
18CH308 Feature 37East of Feature 4 complex, 5.5'x4.3'.
18CH308 Feature 38Small postholes that could not be associated with fence lines or other structures.
18CH308 Feature 39Square postmolds, cuts Feature 24 and 4, and so postdates the earliest trash dumping in that area.
18CH308 Feature 4Part of Feature 4 complex. Features 2, 39, 40, 21, 24, 26, 31 all below Feature 4 stratum B.
18CH308 Feature 4 Complex12'x15'. Separate pits of Feature 4 were not visible until the overlying fill was removed. Appears to be a span of 30 years between earliest and latest pits.
18CH308 Feature 40Square postmolds. Beneath the top of Feature 4 (Stratum b).

18CH350Mathews Site  (19 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH350 Feature 1Brick dwelling foundation. Two chimney bases, partition wall and associated rubble. Main box foundation built prior 1800. Rear ell addition built after 1800. More than 852 artifacts.
18CH350 Feature 10Posthole and postmold of unknown function. Situated at the exterior of foundation wall of dwelling addition.
18CH350 Feature 11Brick pillar or pier support on cellar floor.
18CH350 Feature 12Builder's trench associated with addition brick foundation (Feature 1).
18CH350 Feature 13Posthole and mold. Abutted corner of ell addition foundation.
18CH350 Feature 14Builder's trench associated with main box of dwelling (Feature 1).
18CH350 Feature 15Builder's trench, "L" shaped. Associated with ell addition foundation.
18CH350 Feature 17Domestic trash pit near base of cellar hole.
18CH350 Feature 18Builder's trench associated with main box dwelling (Feature 1).
18CH350 Feature 19Brick pillar or pier support on cellar floor.
18CH350 Feature 2Oyster shell midden, 15' dimension. Represents either confined, organized discard, or food processing area.
18CH350 Feature 20Pit. Possible building floor support.
18CH350 Feature 22Pit with large flat stone. May have been used to steady a support timber.
18CH350 Feature 3"Little archaeological value". Looters' pit.
18CH350 Feature 4Drainage ditch connected with processing outbuilding near oyster shell midden most likely post dates mid-19th century based on soils it cut through.
18CH350 Feature 6Posthole.
18CH350 Feature 7Possible postmold, located within the brick addition foundation. May predate, or mark construction of rear ell addition.
18CH350 Feature 8Possibly related to looters pit (Feature 3) or natural.
18CH350 Feature 9Cellar hole and fill. Located in main box of dwelling, 14' x 24'. Features discovered at bottom of cellar hole.

18CH351Vulture  (1 feature)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH351 Non-Feature Artifact CollectionArtifact count includes 1824 historic, 7 prehistoric and 1 "other."

18CH352Clagett  (7 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH352 Feature 1Brick foundation, shallow cellar hole, concrete pillars and associated architectural rubble. Artifact count is for whole of Test Unit 1, not just Feature 1.
18CH352 Feature 2Brick lined well, 5' deep, 4' diamter. Features 6 and 7 possibly represent remains of associated well houses.
18CH352 Feature 3Artifact deposit associated with possible architectural feature.
18CH352 Feature 4Brick foundation wall. Possibly another side of, or addition to, Feature 1. Artifact count is for all of Test Unit 2.
18CH352 Feature 5Possible second brick foundation wall related to outbuilding or quarter.
18CH352 Feature 6Artifact deposit associated with stone wall (Feature 7). Possible well house for Feature 2.
18CH352 Feature 7Stone foundation wall. Possibly dry laid. Possible well house for Feature 2.

18CH353Crabb Grass  (2 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH353 Feature 1Oyster shell midden. Diameter >7'. Not fully excavated. Portion excavated was 6.5".
18CH353 Feature 2Shallow pit of unknown function. Approximately 3' diameter and 5" thick where excavated in Test Unit 4.

18CH354Bateman Site  (9 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH354 Feature 1Remnant brick foundation, or masonry footprint of dwelling, 20'x25'.
18CH354 Feature 10Clay patches in cellar floor.
18CH354 Feature 11Mortared footer to cellar brick support.
18CH354 Feature 210'x10' cellar within Feature 1 foundation.
18CH354 Feature 5ACellar brick support to floor of dwelling. Likely represented an architectural element added to the structure following its construction.
18CH354 Feature 5BBuilder's trench fill related to construction of brick cellar support.
18CH354 Feature 6Builder's trench associated with brick foundation (Feature 1).
18CH354 Feature 8Architectural pit. Only architectural debris recovered situated at exterior of brick foundation.
18CH354 Feature 9Small architectural pit. Purposeful refuse pit containing architectural material.

18CH355Beach Site  (3 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH355 Feature 1Brick road.
18CH355 Feature 2Gravel road just above remnants of Feature 1. Brick road, may represent modern repair.
18CH355 Feature 3Oyster midden.

18CH358Clifton Site  (18 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH358 Feature 10Likely represents a single episode of in-filling. Possible clay extraction pit.
18CH358 Feature 13Assumed to be historic. Probably dates to 18th century because of similarity in form to Feature 15.
18CH358 Feature 14Similar to Features 13 and 15. No lensing or separate fill episodes evident in profile. Only artifact was fragment of bottle glass. Assumed to be part of 18th century component due to similarity to Feature 15.
18CH358 Feature 15Possible clay extraction pit, shallow. Similar to Features 13 and 14.
18CH358 Feature 16Two separate pits which merged together. Multiple fill layers suggest the pit was open for some period of time before being backfilled. Possible clay extraction pit that was later filled with trash.
18CH358 Feature 2Unidentified shallow pit. Feature contains historic period artifacts, but could be from plowscar intrusion. Radiocarbon dated to Middle Woodland, however Popes Creek sherds were found.
18CH358 Feature 21Short linear stains with unclear function. Resemble slot fence stains.
18CH358 Feature 22No historic artifacts, but similar to other 18th century site components. Oval shaped stain. Two fill layers representing single fill episodes.
18CH358 Feature 23Large circular pit, complex series of depositional events.
18CH358 Feature 24Daub pit. Oblong pit feature, no 18th century period artifacts, but recent glass and coal were found. Probably due to rodent activity.
18CH358 Feature 25Sherd cluster representing portion of constricted neck Late Woodland vessel identified as Potomac creek.
18CH358 Feature 26Short linear stains. Unclear function. Resemble slot fence stains.
18CH358 Feature 3Historic and prehistoric materials.
18CH358 Feature 5AShort, linear stains with unclear function. Resemble slot fence stains.
18CH358 Feature 6No historic artifacts. Associated with 18th century occupation. Possibly an aborted posthole.
18CH358 Feature 7Hearth or FCR scatter within first 10 cm of B horizon in Area B. Tentatively assigned Late Archaic.
18CH358 Feature 8Scattered hearth or FCR discard locus from stone boiling activities.
18CH358 Feature 9Mix of historic and prehistoric artifacts.

18CH374Area 1-A, Site D  (1 feature)

18CH376Area A-1, Site F  (1 feature)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH376 Non-Feature Artifact CollectionArtifacts include 4,524 prehistoric and 5 (retained) historic artifacts.

18CH377Area A-1, Site J  (2 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH377 Feature 2-1Probable pit. No artifacts attributed to this feature.
18CH377 Feature 4-1Probable pit.

18CH378Area A-1/Site L  (1 feature)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH378 Feature 17-1Postmold feature of unclear origin. Higher quantities of historic materials in the area suggest that it is associated with the historic (late 18th century) occupation of the southern area of the site.

18CH379Area A-1/A-2, Site S A-B  (6 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH379 Locus ALocus A includes the standing Thomas Brown log dwelling, animal pen (chicken coop), ruins of two pole barns, a well and trash pit. Test units in Locus A produced 243 historic artifacts. Shovel test artifact counts not included. A total of 41 prehistoric artifacts were found in test units and shovel tests.
18CH379 Locus BIncludes a pile of bricks that may be chimney ruins, a possible filled well and nearby road trace. Count includes historic and prehistoric artifacts from all shovel tests and test units in Locus B.
18CH379 Locus B-1Reused brick fragments used to create a walkway or floor.
18CH379 Locus SRemains of a pole barn, possible well and two brick falls (possible chimneys). Artifact count from test units only including both historic and prehistoric artifacts.
18CH379 Locus S/5-1Small cluster of unarticulated brick.
18CH379 Locus S/5-2Unidentified pit filled with ash, mortar, charcoal, nail & brick fragments, and a shell button. Artifact count unknown.

18CH380Area A-3, Site A  (2 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH380 Feature 601Cluster of FCR and lithic debitage.
18CH380 Feature 602Cluster of FCR and lithic debitage.

18CH381Area A-3/B-2, Site D  (1 feature)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH381 Non-Feature Artifact CollectionPhase II artifact collection: 940 prehistoric, 19 historic (includes 12 brick/brick fragments- discarded).

18CH383Area B-1, Site B  (1 feature)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH383 Feature 201Small artifact cluster consisting of one abrader, 6 flakes, on shatter and two possible FCR.

18CH385Area B-1, Site D  (1 feature)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH385 Non-Feature Artifact CollectionPrehistoric artifacts include 425 lithics and 1 ceramic. A sparce scatter of kitchen related historic artifacts are is not included in count.

18CH664Homeland Brick Clamp Site  (5 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH664 Clamp 140% excavated during Phase II. Second of the two clamps, possibly used as an "after burn" clamp.
18CH664 Clamp 2Brick clamp, pre-dates Clamp 1 which was located & excavated during Phase I & II. 16' x 12.5-13.0'. Artifact count unknown.
18CH664 Clay Extraction PitClay extraction pit "underlies a portion of Clamp 1". Shallow pit, approximately 12'x24', deeper on west side. Interpreted as a source for some of the raw material for bricks in clamp 2. Artifact count unknown.
18CH664 Pit 1Clay processing pit. Second of 6 clay processing pits to be excavated (Phase III). Only two of 6 pits were excavated during project. Pits are approximately 5-6' x 2.5-3'.
18CH664 Test Unit 2Test Unit 2 placed over one of 6 "borrow pits". Later classified as clay processing pits in the Phase III report. No dateable artifacts. First of 2 out of 6 processing pits excavated. Artifact count consists of all bricks.

18CH724Horse Farm #6  (7 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH724 Feature 1Stone lined well with fill. Estimated 4' diameter, not fully excavated.
18CH724 Feature 2Brick foundation wall, 40' long and ~2' wide. Unknown artifact count.
18CH724 Feature 3Builder's trench associated with brick foundation (Feature 2). Exterior of foundation wall.
18CH724 Feature 4Brick foundation wall, 1 course of brick, 4 bricks wide. Unknown function. Artifact count unknown.
18CH724 Feature 5Historic oyster shell midden, 6-7" deep. STPs suggest a structure once sat near midden.
18CH724 Feature 617' x 20' architectural and domestic trash pit, 33" deep
18CH724 Feature 8Domestic trash pit, 7" deep, 7' diameter. Possibly associated with meat house or butchering.

18CH728Horse Farm #10  (2 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH728 Feature 1Well pump/piping feature, three feet deep with sloping sides.
18CH728 Feature 2Brick pile interpreted as possible chimney fall. Artifacts were assigned to test units rather than feature. No count available.

18CH821Serenity's Surprise  (7 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CH821 Feature 14Boundary Ditch
18CH821 Feature 3Boundary ditch given three different feature numbers
18CH821 Feature 5Boundary ditch given 3 feature numbers
18CH821 Native American structureSix postmolds from one Early to Middle Woodland structure (Features 4, 6-10)
18CH821 PlowzoneArtifact counts from features were small, but the plowzone had over 18,000 historic artifacts; hence a record is included here
18CH821 Structure 1Post in ground structure of 18 postholes (F 1, 11, 12, 17, 26, 27, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39, 41, 44-47, 49, 50)
18CH821 Structure 1 CellarMeasures 4.7 x 4.9 ft.

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