Sites by County, Cecil (3)

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18CE14Conowingo  (5 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CE14 Feature 1 (1974)Possible hearth identified in 1974 Maryland Geological Survey visit. No further information known. Artifact count included in 1981 catalog.
18CE14 Feature 2 (1982)Limited notes. A burned jasper flake and hearth stones appear to be only artifacts.
18CE14 Locus Middle UnitsLimited stone tool manufacture. Emphasis on tool use. Late archaic material concentrated in middle and south loci.
18CE14 Locus North UnitsProbable general use area highlighted by concentration of ceramics and retouched, utilized flakes.
18CE14 Locus South UnitsLocus of activity.

18CE29Hollingsworth Farm  (28 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CE29 Feature 1Small stained area.
18CE29 Feature 108Small pit.
18CE29 Feature 11Possible posthole.
18CE29 Feature 130Small pit, stratified with large chunks of charcoal. Flat bottomed.
18CE29 Feature 14Small pit.
18CE29 Feature 146Hearth or oven which intrudes grave pit.
18CE29 Feature 147Small pit. Intrudes Feature 35.
18CE29 Feature 155Small pit. Intrudes Feature 37.
18CE29 Feature 2Possible hearth.
18CE29 Feature 21Possible posthole.
18CE29 Feature 22Small pit.
18CE29 Feature 24Posthole.
18CE29 Feature 3Unidentified pit feature. Mostly pottery artifacts. More than 227 artifacts.
18CE29 Feature 37Intruded by Feature 155 (hearth). Adult female in semi-flexed position. (Please contact MacLab with questions regarding this collection)
18CE29 Feature 44Possible posthole.
18CE29 Feature 5Possible posthole.
18CE29 Feature 51 
18CE29 Feature 52Small pit.
18CE29 Feature 57Oval pit, projectile point found center top of feature.
18CE29 Feature 6 (1)This Feature 6 is discussed in CE9A, p. 18 & 13. Unable to determine if it is the same Feature 6 as listed in CE9C.
18CE29 Feature 6 (2)Possible posthole. This Feature 6 is discussed in CE9C, p. II-13. Unable to determine if it is the same Feature 6 as listed in CE9A.
18CE29 Feature 62 
18CE29 Feature 7Small pit.
18CE29 Feature 72Unidentified small pit.
18CE29 Feature 73Small pit.
18CE29 Feature 78Possible posthole.
18CE29 Feature 83Small pit.
18CE29 Feature 95Small pit.

18CE15310001-1  (1 feature)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CE153 Non-Feature Artifact CollectionApproximately 256 prehistoric, and 50 historic artifacts were recovered in multiple projects.

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