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18CR163Getty  (16 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CR163 Feature 1Linear rock pile. May represent a waste pile of materials left over after kiln construction.
18CR163 Feature 10Prepared surface. Capped Features 11 and 12.
18CR163 Feature 11Possibly a rut formed from heavy foot and wagon traffic and capped by Feature 10.
18CR163 Feature 12Shallow, directly below Feature 10. Probably a rut caused by water runoff, then filled and capped with Feature 10.
18CR163 Feature 13Possible buried A horizon.
18CR163 Feature 14Tentatively interpreted as a posthole.
18CR163 Feature 15Possible buried A horizon.
18CR163 Feature 16Work surface or road.
18CR163 Feature 17Quarry. Approx. 435'x150' with visible cut marks on quarry walls.
18CR163 Feature 2Perpetual lime kiln comprised of 5 parts: kiln chamber, fire box, fire hearth and kiln face or retaining wall.
18CR163 Feature 3Perpetual lime kiln composed of five parts: kiln chamber, fire box, flue, hearth and kiln face or retaining wall.
18CR163 Feature 4Intermittent lime kiln consisting of four components: kiln chamber, hearth, entrance and kiln face or retaining wall.
18CR163 Feature 5Base of circular posthole. Unknown whether it is associated with limeworks.
18CR163 Feature 7Stone work surface. Made from tabular pieces of schist.
18CR163 Feature 8Charcoal filled trench.
18CR163 Feature 9Prepared work surface.

18CR224Drechsler Site  (4 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CR224 Concrete PadConcrete pad/floor. Encountered in test units placed within interior of house addition.
18CR224 Feature 2East yard area. May represent buried cellar or other back filled feature.
18CR224 Flagstone FloorFlagstone floor. Encountered in test unit placed within interior of house addition. This feature butts up to concrete pad feature.
18CR224 Interior Stone WallLocated in test unit placed within interior of house addition.

18CR226Lowry (Elizabeth Lowry House)  (10 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18CR226 CellarPhase II determined that archaeological deposits associated with the cellar include cellar hole, debris from fire, fill used to seal the cellar, dirt floor. Remnant of bulkhead entrance suggests the cabin may have been built on foundation. Feature date refers to build date, not fill date.
18CR226 Feature 10Remains of trash pit near NE corner of house dates from the time the log house was built as it contains the earliest ceramics on the site.
18CR226 Feature 2Initial deposition could date fom late 19th century, but upper stratum continued to receive artifacts in the 20th century.
18CR226 Feature 46.7'x5.4' stone foundation. An engraved cornerstone was found in the SE corner of the foundation with the names Solomon Miller and Martha Barkman/Borkman. May have been construction during the period of E. Lowry's ownership.
18CR226 Feature 5Rectangular stone foundation, 6.2'x5.1'. Corresponds with the location of a shed depicted on a property map probably built after the Lowry occupation.
18CR226 Feature 6Rectangular pit with straight sides.
18CR226 Feature 7Square posthole associated with cellar.
18CR226 Feature 8Square posthole associated with cellar
18CR226 Feature 9Possible storage pit in cellar hole, 5.6'x2'.
18CR226 Privy/Shaft FeatureTested during Phase II but investigators were unable to reach the base. Still standing in 1980. May have originally functioned as a cistern. Fill dates to mid 19th century.

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