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18BA71UMBC  (2 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA71 Charcoal PitCharcoal pit. Unable to determine if prehistoric or historic.
18BA71 HearthIdentified during initial excavations (1970-1972) Trench I-S, Level 2.

18BA100Howard - McHenry Mill  (8 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA100 Barn/StableRock rubble. "L" shaped collapsed walls of stone structure. Possible barn/stable.
18BA100 Concentration of RocksArea 1, north of dairy. Possible improved path remnants.
18BA100 Fence UnitsArea 1 north of cellar features. A series of 22 unnumbered posthole features interpreted as 3 possible fence units. Very little detail given.
18BA100 MillFeatures in Areas III and IV interpreted to be remains of mill structure. Probably robbed out.
18BA100 Robbed Out FootingTest Unit 2, Layer 2. Probable domestic structure.
18BA100 Stone Footed Structure20' x 16' with remains of fireplace on north End.
18BA100 Stone Lined CellarStone-lined (mortared fieldstone) Area I, 20'x16'.
18BA100 Unlined CellarUnlined cellar intentionally filled with rocks (Test Unit 1, Area 1). Possibly associated with farm's dairy.

18BA106Painters Mill/ Painters Camp  (7 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA106 Feature 1 19751975. Charcoal filled feature.
18BA106 Feature 1 19811981. Posthole
18BA106 Feature 2 19811981. Posthole
18BA106 Locus AMulti-component, multi-activity resource extraction site. Predominately secondary reduction. Artifact count from 6 units within Locus A.
18BA106 Locus BMulti-component, multi-activity resource extraction site. Brief occupations. Artifact count from 7 test units in Locus B.
18BA106 Locus CLocus was characterized by quarry related/early lithic reduction activities. Artifacts from 2-1.5 m test units in Locus C.
18BA106 Postmolds 19751975. Possibly includes features 3,4,5,7,8,9. Listed as 5, 6 or 8 possible post molds. Profiles drawn for 6. No artifacts recovered. No discernable pattern.

18BA158TDJ - Field N (2)  (3 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA158 Locus AMulti-component, multi-activity resource extraction site, predominately secondary reduction. Artifact count is from 6 test units within Locus A.
18BA158 Locus BMulti-component, multi-activity resource extraction site. Brief occupations. Artifact count is from 7 test units within Locus B.
18BA158 Locus CLocus C was characterized by quarry related/early lithic reduction activities. Artifact count is from 2- 1.5 meter square units in Locus C.

18BA196Granite Manufacturing Mill  (5 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA196 Circular Structure20' diameter, brick lined with plank floor. Possible container for coal oil or gas.
18BA196 Granite FactoryTextile mill corner identified on last day of excavation. Lies outside of present project area.
18BA196 Machine ShopMachine shop, 4 walls. 84'x46', granite with limestone mortar. 3 bay width. Possibly cellar at floor, or flood wash.
18BA196 Nail Factory2 walls, 30'x12'. Foundation predates Granite Manufacturing Co. structure.
18BA196 RacewayRaceway. 150' exposed. 3 trenches. More than 1,107 artifacts.

18BA282Banneker  (10 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA282 Feature 10Subrectangular hole with narrow extension on west side.
18BA282 Feature 2South half excavated. No diagnostic artifacts. Postmold within Feature 91 posthole.
18BA282 Feature 22Filled cellar hole. Remnants of stone foundation wall. Represents the Banneker dwelling. Destroyed by fire. Artifact count greater than 1000.
18BA282 Feature 40North half excavated.
18BA282 Feature 86SE and NE quarters excavated. Slumped into post (Feature 92) as the post rotted.
18BA282 Feature 87Southeast quarter excavated. 7'x9', 0.3' into subsoil at deepest point.
18BA282 Feature 91Posthole fill.
18BA282 Feature 92NE quarter excavated. Located within feature 80. Postmold associated with Feature 95 posthole.
18BA282 Feature 95Posthole associated with Feature 92. Located within Feature 80.
18BA282 Feature 99North half excavated. Elliptical intrusion.

18BA283Treuth Residence  (4 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA283 Feature 1Circle of fieldstones similar to those used in construction of Hynes house.
18BA283 Sheet MiddenRepresents construction of house in ca. 1850, and subsequent occupation.
18BA283 Stone WallPossible late 18th century residence later reused as a barn or garage. NW of Treuth House.
18BA283 Treuth HouseExtant stone house. Probably build by Joshua Hynes ca. 1850.

18BA313MAAR Feature II  (6 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA313 Brick WalkwayHeader and stretcher pattern. Possibly a drip line drain. Adjoined limestone steps.
18BA313 CellarUp to 11' deep. Only part of cellar dug. Evidence of burning for destruction. 30'x50'.
18BA313 Feature 1A 2.5 ' deep privy.
18BA313 Feature 2Trash dump. Plastic. Modern bottles not collected.
18BA313 Limestone StepsLimestone steps.
18BA313 Rock FoundationExcavation inside foundation. Three filling phases up to 8' deep. 50% sampled.

18BA314Workers Barracks  (27 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA314 Barracks115'x35'. Stone and frame construction. Divided into quads A,B,C,D and interior excavated. Constructed between 1859 and 1866. Destroyed by fire in 1896.
18BA314 Feature 15Robbed wall trench.
18BA314 Feature 16Linear array, possible brick chimney and hearth.
18BA314 Feature 17Found during Phase II.
18BA314 Feature 181 meter diameter, irregular oval.
18BA314 Feature 19Enlarged masonry support.
18BA314 Feature 20Possible coal chute. Small port connecting with outside of building.
18BA314 Feature 21Concentration of coal ash.
18BA314 Feature 23Interior stone structural support, robbed out.
18BA314 Feature 26Mortar concentration that may have been remains for a step, cut stone step nearby.
18BA314 Feature 28Postholes
18BA314 Feature 30Posthole
18BA314 Feature 31Posthole
18BA314 Feature 33Continuous mortar layer in barracks.
18BA314 Feature 35Posthole.
18BA314 Feature 36Privy shaft, early barracks occupation.
18BA314 Feature 37Privy shaft.
18BA314 Feature 38Possibly bottom step in series of steps leading to entryway.
18BA314 Feature 39 
18BA314 Feature 40 
18BA314 Feature 42Ash pit.
18BA314 Feature 43 
18BA314 Feature 44 
18BA314 Layer AProbable refuse desposited after barracks burned.
18BA314 Layer BFire related layer in barracks. Plaster, mortar.
18BA314 Layer CBurn layer inside barracks. Charcoal, plaster, mortar and ash.
18BA314 Layer DInside barracks.

18BA325Poe-Burns Duplex  (26 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA325 Feature 1Circular, irregular conical shape. Possibe fence post.
18BA325 Feature 10Trash pit.
18BA325 Feature 11Shallow, dish shaped soil stain.
18BA325 Feature 12Brick architectural feature. Possibly related to barn and outbuilding.
18BA325 Feature 13Possible footer. Stone resting on dish shaped soil discoloration
18BA325 Feature 14Trash pit.
18BA325 Feature 15Circular shaft feature, possible posthole. Excavations stopped before reaching base.
18BA325 Feature 16Linear soil stain. Possible builder's trench.
18BA325 Feature 17Sheet iron with rock lining the north side. Remainder of protective liner for an element of building.
18BA325 Feature 17AArea south of sheet metal (feature 17).
18BA325 Feature 18/18AArray of large rocks remnant of structural foundation. Features discussed together in report.
18BA325 Feature 19Possible stone structural foundation. May be related to barn/outbuilding and Features 17, 17a, 18 and 18a.
18BA325 Feature 2Conical posthole associated with fence line which divided duplex yard areas.
18BA325 Feature 20Privy shaft.
18BA325 Feature 21Matrix had either been robbed or cleaned and refilled with modern trash. Rectangular.
18BA325 Feature 22Squarish soil stain posthole and postmold.
18BA325 Feature 23Triangular shaped soil stain with concave base.
18BA325 Feature 3ARectangular shape posthole with rounded base.
18BA325 Feature 3BOblong posthole and mold. No artifacts recoved in postmold. Same depth as Feature 3A.
18BA325 Feature 3CPosthole same depth as 3A and 3B. Irregular squarish shape.
18BA325 Feature 4Postmold and posthole. Squarish.
18BA325 Feature 5Soil stain. Dish-shaped with reddened clay layer.
18BA325 Feature 6Shallow, dish-shaped soil stain.
18BA325 Feature 7Irregular circular stain. Probably truncated posthole.
18BA325 Feature 8Postmold with wooden fence post.
18BA325 Feature 9Intrudes Feature 8. Posthole.

18BA330Dolfield Summer House Complex  (8 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA330 Feature 13Outdoor kitchen.
18BA330 Feature 15Circular stone surrounding flower bed. 2 conch shells.
18BA330 Feature 2"Drawer" privy. No pit.
18BA330 Feature 3"Drawer" privy (no pit). Plastic car headlight.
18BA330 Feature 6"Drawer privy" (no pit), brick base.
18BA330 Feature 7Greenhouse, 12.5m x 4m.
18BA330 Feature 8Flagstone walkway, dry laid. Artifacts around flagstone found during cleaning of stones.
18BA330 Feature 8ABrick steps. Probably outdoor entrance to kitchen. Artifacts around steps.

18BA330ADolfield Farmstead/Caretakers House  (9 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA330A Feature 12Shallow trash pit.
18BA330A Feature 13Privy, drawer type.
18BA330A Feature 14Includes Feature 14 and 14A.
18BA330A Feature 16Test unit into cellar feature.
18BA330A Feature 17Outbuilding with deep cellar and plastered interior walls. Although report mentions substantial number of artifacts, none were listed in artifact catalog. Collection not checked.
18BA330A Feature 18Poured concrete sidewalk.
18BA330A Feature 21Smokehouse, rock rubble and dry laid foundation.
18BA330A Feature 7Trash pits (7, 7A, 7B) combined.
18BA330A Feature 8 

18BA331House Site #1  (6 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA331 Feature 1Builder's trench to house, built ca. 1870.
18BA331 Feature 2Buried activity area, oval shaped, 5 x 5 m. Two strata, one with earlier artifacts.
18BA331 Feature 4Possible privy, drawer type. Soil stain.
18BA331 Feature 5Privy, drawer type, soil stain, 2 bones from tubercular cat.
18BA331 Feature 6Trench, indeterminate function.
18BA331 Feature 7Posthole associated with Feature 5 privy.

18BA332Tenant House Site  (4 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA332 Feature 1Circa 1920 - 1950 residence. Plates and dishes stacked where sideboard had collapsed. Glass artifacts (melted) not collected.
18BA332 Feature 3Privy.
18BA332 Feature 4, Feature 7Feature 4 and Feature 7 are same feature.
18BA332 Feature 5 

18BA370Todd's Inheritance  (4 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA370 TU1 Burned LayerBurned layer. Seen as clear evidence of documented burning of earlier house during the War of 1812.
18BA370 TU1 Early FoundationTest Unit 1 was placed along east foundation of house and showed that the extant house rests in the foundations of an earlier structure.
18BA370 TU4 PostholesMay have been supports for earlier porch or steps.
18BA370 TU5 Brick FeaturePossible pier or foundation related to 19th century slave cabin or outbuilding.

18BA394Owings Mill Newtown Site A  (1 feature)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA394 PlowzoneTemporary, short term occupation. 3 middle - late Archaic bifaces recovered.

18BA409Historic Site #1/Hoff/Dorsey  (29 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA409 DepressionLarge, bowl shaped area. Not given a feature number, although it was deemed an activity area with 17 possibly associated features.
18BA409 Feature 1/Structure 1In-situ stone foundation wall of Structure 1 (primary structure), explored by means of multiple "partial" units, so that the structure could be investigated as a single feature.
18BA409 Feature 10Rock concentration near historic road, possibly related to repair or building associated with road.
18BA409 Feature 1155'x80' historic midden, possibly associated with large depression feature.
18BA409 Feature 11aSmall, circular stain in north central portion of Feature 11. Possibly associated with large depression feature.
18BA409 Feature 13Small post feature west of large depression feature's boundary.
18BA409 Feature 14Remnant A2 horizon west of large depression feature's boundary.
18BA409 Feature 15 
18BA409 Feature 16Defined stain, visible posthole/mold north of large depression boundary.
18BA409 Feature 17Amorphous, very shallow stain. Possibly related to large depression feature.
18BA409 Feature 18Defined stain, possibly related to large depression feature.
18BA409 Feature 19Small post feature within larger depression feature.
18BA409 Feature 2Located inside Structure 1 (primary structure) walls in NW corner.
18BA409 Feature 20Small post feature within large depression feature.
18BA409 Feature 21Large, dark stain, midden remnants. Possibly part of an early excavated cellar.
18BA409 Feature 22Large, dark stain, midden remant. Possibly related to an early excavated cellar.
18BA409 Feature 23Large, dark stain, midden remant. Possibly part of an early excavated cellar.
18BA409 Feature 24Small post feature within large depression feature.
18BA409 Feature 25Small post feature within large depression feature.
18BA409 Feature 265'x1.5' rectangular stain extending across large depression feature boundary. May represent stairs or entryway into a structure.
18BA409 Feature 28Small post feature within large depression feature.
18BA409 Feature 30Road bed.
18BA409 Feature 33Located inside Structure 1 walls in SW corner.
18BA409 Feature 35Pier or support for exterior chimney on Feature 1/Structure 1.
18BA409 Feature 36Wall segment.
18BA409 Feature 37Sheet midden immediately adjacent to and west of wall segment (Feature 36).
18BA409 Feature 7Possibly associated with large depression feature. Located between midden Features 8 and 11.
18BA409 Feature 8 50'x60' historic midden, possibly associated with large depression feature.
18BA409 Feature 9Large posthole remnant adjacent to the exterior NE corner.

18BA433Lyonsfield Run III  (9 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA433 Block 1Spatial distribution is indicative of multiple reduction & resource procurement episodes. Late stage lithic processing.
18BA433 Block 1ASingle, or limited, reduction & resouce procurement episode. Possible dispersed hearth.
18BA433 Block 2Discrete reduction and resource procurement episodes, high concentration of fire-cracked rock. Possible hearth.
18BA433 Block 3Buried horizon, limited reduction and brief resource procurement episodes. Discrete activity areas.
18BA433 Block 4Lithic reduction and resource procurement episodes.
18BA433 Locus ARhyolite reduction area on a terrace remnant. IIA (ab) horizon.
18BA433 Locus BIn-situ lithic reduction area, short term exploitative episodes.
18BA433 Locus CIn-situ lithic reduction area.
18BA433 Locus DIn-situ lithic reduction area, short term exploitative episodes.

18BA444Grant Site  (8 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA444 Feature 1Fire-cracked rock concentration discovered during Phase II, believed that the feature was scattered at the time it was extinguished. Potomac Creek Complex.
18BA444 Feature 10Small concentration of fire-cracked rock. Potomac Creek Complex.
18BA444 Feature 17Squared off post, the post lined up with barbed wire remants attached to trees.
18BA444 Feature 5Well-defined concentration of fire-cracked rock. Potomac Creek Complex.
18BA444 Feature 6Small fire-cracked rock concentration, disturbed, near Feature 7. Townsend complex. Artifact count unknown/no catalog.
18BA444 Feature 7Unknown pit, irregularly shaped with hundreds of iron bucket fragments throughout fill. Exact count unknown.
18BA444 Feature 9Small pit feature, disturbed by roots. Townsend complex.
18BA444 Hearth FeatureSeveral numbered small fire-cracked rock concentrations spread over two units. The distribution and homogeniety of artifacts suggest it represents the remains of a single hearth feature. Potomac Creek complex.

18BA445UMBC-1  (2 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA445 Feature 8-1Two-brick wide wall abutting Feature 8-1 (foundation). Probably from unidentified outbuilding.
18BA445 Feature 8-3Dry-laid stone foundation wall, abutted by Feature 8-1.

18BA470AVW/Area 9/Site 2  (11 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA470 Feature 1Fieldstone & mortared cellar foundation probably related to farmstead home from early to mid 19th century occupation. Apparantly modified for later occupation.
18BA470 Feature 10Oyster shell path. Uncertain to which occupation the path is related.
18BA470 Feature 14Ruinous remains (foundation/pillar support) of a structure associated with later occupation of site.
18BA470 Feature 15Likely related to later occupation of site. Cuts across Feature 10.
18BA470 Feature 16Concrete pillar ~2" diameter. Likely a support for the later house structure.
18BA470 Feature 2Concrete foundation/cellar associated with second, later dwelling.
18BA470 Feature 33'x4' brick structure probably associated with later occupation of site.
18BA470 Feature 5Dry-laid fieldstone well, likely associated with earlier occupation of site.
18BA470 Feature 6Ruinous remains of a structure (foundation/plaster floor) associated with later occupation of site.
18BA470 Feature 7Fieldstone wall determined to be from a structure associated with earlier site occupation. Structure likely burned.
18BA470 Feature 8Mortared fieldstone & brick pillared structural supports.

18BA526AVW/Area 2/Site 3  (1 feature)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA526 Non-Feature Artifact CollectionPhase II yielded 2,324 historic, 2 prehistoric, and 91 modern artifacts from 6- 3x3' units.

18BA531AVW/Area 2/Site 8  (1 feature)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA531 Non-Feature Artifact CollectionPhase II yielded 413 historic, 1 prehistoric and 52 modern artifacts.

18BA536AVW/Area 5/Site 1  (6 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA536 Feature 1Test unit 1 was placed within Feature 1, cellar hole. Artifact count is for all of Test Unit 1.
18BA536 Feature 2Architectural debris pile possibly related to a dwelling house. Not excavated.
18BA536 Feature 3Unexcavated well/cistern.
18BA536 Feature 4Likely the remains of a midden destroyed by historic plowing. Feature artifacts were not separated from test unit count.
18BA536 Feature 6Test Unit 1 was placed within Feature 1 (cellar hole). Feature 6 was likely an intrusion of soil from Stratum 1 into Stratum 2 within Test Unit 1. See Feature 1 for artifact count.
18BA536 Feature 7Test Unit 1 was placed within Feature 1 (cellar hole). Feature 7 is a fieldstone cellar wall associated with Feature 1.

18BA552Connemara  (29 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA552 Feature 121x19 foot cellar. Base of cellar not reached. Domestic outbuilding cellar.
18BA552 Feature 11Post mold was likely a footing to support second floor.
18BA552 Feature 12Stone wall foundaton of 1823 addition, main house. Artifact count unknown.
18BA552 Feature 13Thimble Cottage (dwelling), Area C.
18BA552 Feature 14Spring House, unable to reach bottom of feature because of water. 24 x 16 feet.
18BA552 Feature 16Stone rubble may have been part of a drain or construction debris. 19th century foundation.
18BA552 Feature 17Stone bank barn foundation, 42.7x39 feet. Unknown artifact count.
18BA552 Feature 18Shed base, 10 x 16 feet.
18BA552 Feature 19Possible builder's trench or plowscar.
18BA552 Feature 20Possible builder's trench alongside Feature 16 (19th century foundation).
18BA552 Feature 21Shallow pit of unknown function or posthole.
18BA552 Feature 22Poured concrete posts, structural post, replacement or reinforcing post.
18BA552 Feature 24Builder's trench. Artifacts represent 19th century, but were likely re-deposited during additional construction.
18BA552 Feature 25Concrete block wall with mortar on concrete base. Unknown artifact count.
18BA552 Feature 27Poured concrete post, structural, replacement or reinforcing post.
18BA552 Feature 28Possible post against Feature 8 foundation. Extended outside of test unit boundary, so exact dimensions are unknown.
18BA552 Feature 29Represents older post, structural.
18BA552 Feature 30Possible builder's trench.
18BA552 Feature 31Builder's trench associated with Feature 25. Artifacts date mainly to 19th century, but were likely redeposited during addition construction.
18BA552 Feature 32Basin-shaped and containing kitchen related artifacts.
18BA552 Feature 33Basin-shaped in profile.
18BA552 Feature 35Shallow, kitchen-related pit, possibly destroyed by plowing.
18BA552 Feature 37It seems likely the cellar represents the remains of one of the log cabins located on the property from 1783-1832.
18BA552 Feature 38Outbuilding ruins, agricultural. Unknown artifact count.
18BA552 Feature 4Pit filled with collapsed construction debris, located in 1813 cellar. Filled quickly when building was demolished.
18BA552 Feature 52.5' cut stone and mortared foundation wall. Agricultural outbuilding.
18BA552 Feature 6Stone wall remnant located between 1813 & 1832 house segments. Main House.
18BA552 Feature 7Chimney base within 1813 segment. Main House.
18BA552 Feature 8Stone outbuilding foundation with concrete floor. 21 x 21.7 foot stone domestic outbuilding foundation. Artifact count unknown.

18BA556E. Hensel House  (6 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA556 Feature 1-01Partial remains of stone foundation wall and cellar that underlay Hensell house in its original location.
18BA556 Feature 4-01Portion of a stone foundation wall that underlay the rear porch of the Hensell House.
18BA556 Feature 6-01Historic trench of unknown purpose.
18BA556 Retaining WallBrick retaining wall, visible landscape feature.
18BA556 Well #1Square, poured concrete well, visible landscape feature. Not excavated.
18BA556 Well #2Circular, stone-lined well, dry-laid, possibly capped. Visible landscape feature. Not excavated.

18BA564Lee Blacksmith Shop  (3 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18BA564 Forge BaseStone forge base 4.5 x 4.5 feet
18BA564 LensesSubfloor lens inside shop, containing mostly blacksmithing/farrier debris in slag, coal, and gravel matrix
18BA564 Shop FoundationStone foundation of shop, 1.5 feet wide, 31 x 18 feet

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