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18AG23Second Terrace  (1 feature)

FeatureFeature Notes
18AG23 Feature 1-01Partially exposed during Phase I, relocated & excavated during Phase II.

18AG44Wallizer  (9 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18AG44 Feature 1Large feature, 1 meter wide, length unknown due to limited testing.
18AG44 Feature 2Interpreted as possible backfill associated with Feature 1.
18AG44 Feature 3Interpreted as possible backfill associated with Feature 1.
18AG44 Feature 4Below Feature 1 and identified as associated.
18AG44 Feature 5Below Feature 1.
18AG44 Feature 6Post mold that intruded through Feature 1.
18AG44 Feature 7Shallow, disturbed interface between Feature 1 and subsoil.
18AG44 Feature 8Below Feature 1.
18AG44 Feature 9Dark, elongated trench-like feature, saucer shaped in profile.

18AG160Wild Turkey  (1 feature)

FeatureFeature Notes
18AG160 Non-Feature Artifact CollectionOne diagnostic projectile point (a Koens-Crispin) and 6 projectile point fragments were recovered. Artifact count includes 1596 pieces of debitage.

18AG183Romsburg Site  (3 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18AG183 Feature 1From historic fencepost, metal fence staple was recovered.
18AG183 Feature 3From historic fencepost.
18AG183 Feature 4Shallow, 10-15 cm deep basin filled with less compact soil, cinder, charcoal flecks and 1 chert flake. Possibly natural, such as a treefall.

18AG186Evitts Creek 1  (1 feature)

18AG206Mechanic Street South  (43 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18AG206 Feature 145 South Mech. St, Lot 274, Appendix 11
18AG206 Feature 11Associated w/ Feature 12, 24, 25, fence corner post, p. 64, 67
18AG206 Feature 12Fence post assoc. w/ Feature 11, 24 & 25, possibly with Feature 13 also. P. 64, 67
18AG206 Feature 13P. 64
18AG206 Feature 14Trench, garden or privy related. P. 67
18AG206 Feature 15Ash pit. Lot 37, p. 20, Appendix 11
18AG206 Feature 16Tenants also occupied space, p. 57
18AG206 Feature 17Ash pit. Various tenants also occupied lots, Appendix 11, p. 22
18AG206 Feature 18Appendix 11, p. 22
18AG206 Feature 19Tenants also occupied dwelling, p. 57
18AG206 Feature 2P. 84
18AG206 Feature 20Ash pit, p. 69, 71
18AG206 Feature 21P. 74, 84
18AG206 Feature 22P. 21, 22
18AG206 Feature 23Probably represents fence line, p. 56
18AG206 Feature 24"May have formed a portion of fence" with Feature 12, 11 and 25. P. 64
18AG206 Feature 25"May have formed a portion of a fence" along w/ Features 10, 11 & 24
18AG206 Feature 26P. 57
18AG206 Feature 27Ash pit. P. 74, 84
18AG206 Feature 28, 29Features identified .2' below stratum 103. No artifacts. P. 96
18AG206 Feature 3P. 82
18AG206 Feature 30Railroad period, "mix of late deposits w/ earlier matierials." P. 58.
18AG206 Feature 31"No artifacts, possibly because it was first distinguished near the bottom of the excavation deposits." P. 75
18AG206 Feature 32P. 64
18AG206 Feature 33Structural foundation or floor. Artifacts included in counts for excavation units 9/14, p. 76, 84
18AG206 Feature 34Trench of unknown function. *Listed as Feature 32 in report, p. 76
18AG206 Feature 35Builder's trench. P. 72
18AG206 Feature 36Builder's trench. P. 84
18AG206 Feature 37Artifacts included with excavation unit 12. Pg. 84
18AG206 Feature 6Assigned to 11a, but unclear if it is 11a or 11b, p. 82
18AG206 Feature 7, 8P. 84. Artifact count is combined; Feature 7= 69, Feature 8= 116
18AG206 Feature 9"Probably related to tenant occupation of HB2A" p. 69
18AG206 Operation 10-1P. 82
18AG206 Operation 1-1Ash pit. P. 86 (AG 38), p. 42 (AG 36)
18AG206 Operation 11-1Wall trench, P. 46
18AG206 Operation 11-1APartially excavated, p. 60
18AG206 Operation 1-2, 1-3Operation 1-3 is base of post. P. 86. Artifact count combined; 17 for operation 1-2, 9 for operation 1-3.
18AG206 Operation 13-1Quartered, 2 quads excavated, p. 82
18AG206 Operation 13-2P. 84
18AG206 Operation 14-1Industrial/Domestic waste, p. 47, 48
18AG206 Operation 4-1P. 47, Pipe trench.
18AG206 Operation 5-1P. 56
18AG206 Operation 9-1P. 64

18AG215Lonaconing  (8 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18AG215 Feature 11-01, 15-01Continuation of northern and southern stone foundation walls identified in '99. (#53-55 Main Street)
18AG215 Feature 3-01Base material for a sidewalk that crossed the rear of 55 Main Street to "miner's shacks." (AG93 p.107) Only chunks of concrete recovered.
18AG215 FoundationDry laid stone wall foundation at #53-55 Main Street.
18AG215 Phase IPre-fire historic occupation layer. Street paving, remnant occupational surface, drains, architectural features.
18AG215 Phase IILayer related to September 7, 1881 fire. Only identified in Area 1 (southern portion of site).
18AG215 Phase IIIDestruction debris layer and fill associated with razing of the burnt town.
18AG215 Phase IVRebuilding of Lonaconing and late 19th century occupations.
18AG215 Phase VModern streetscape and architecture.

18AG227Crescent Lawn  (41 features)

FeatureFeature Notes
18AG227 Beam SU 67.4Beam. May represent an earlier bumper or guide for boats.
18AG227 Bulkhead (Concrete)195' L x 8' H, concrete
18AG227 Bulkhead (Timber)Bulkhead. 113' long, stacked timber 4.5 high, oak & pine.
18AG227 Canal Boat 1Canal boat, pine & oak.
18AG227 Canal Boat 10Canal boat, approximately 8' x 21'. One end of boat appears to be missing.
18AG227 Canal Boat 11Canal boat, bulk freight carrier, 13.5' wide.
18AG227 Canal Boat 12Canal boat, may date to the 1st decades the canal was open. Oak.
18AG227 Canal Boat 13Canal boat, 14.5', oak & pine.
18AG227 Canal Boat 14Canal boat, 13', oak & pine.
18AG227 Canal Boat 15Canal boat, 13', oak & pine.
18AG227 Canal Boat 16Canal boat, 10.5' wide.
18AG227 Canal Boat 17Canal boat, 18' x 14' section excavated, oak.
18AG227 Canal Boat 18Canal boat, 96' long.
18AG227 Canal Boat 2Canal boat, 84' x 14', oak frame.
18AG227 Canal Boat 3Canal boat, 14', oak & pine.
18AG227 Canal Boat 4Canal boat, 30' x 11.3', oak & pine, possible example of vernacular boat building.
18AG227 Canal Boat 5Canal boat, 14.5' long, possible cargo carrier or specialized work boat, possibly over 80' long. Salvaged prior to abandonment.
18AG227 Canal Boat 6Canal boat, 86' long, ~ 14.5' wide, large bulk cargo carrier.
18AG227 Canal Boat 7Canal boat, 6' x 11' remnant of a bow section, possibly constructed around the same time as boat 6.
18AG227 Canal Boat 8Canal boat, 14' wide, freight carrier.
18AG227 Canal Boat 9Canal boat, bulk freight carrier, 19' x 14' wide.
18AG227 Clay LinerClay liner along rail tracks to prevent excessive water loss.
18AG227 Guard LockMud sill & plank work space, oak.
18AG227 Non-lock Gate8' x 16' oak beam construction.
18AG227 Pit Feature SU 85, 90Boatyard surface overlies feature.
18AG227 Pit SU 65.3Pit-like feature located in surface 1 of boatyard.
18AG227 Plank SU 65.7Plank located in surface 3 (early boatyard surface). 1' wide plank.
18AG227 Posthole 99.3Driven post, possible fenceline, temporary livestock enclosure, or related to boat building support.
18AG227 Posthole SU 70.4Located in surface 2, 1' long with 6" diameter postmold.
18AG227 Posthole SU 99.2Pulled or rotted post, associated w/ boatyard surface, may be from livestock enclosure or boat building structure.
18AG227 Railway Tracks4 tracks
18AG227 Silt WallSilt Wall. 79' long, connects to silt boxes on all 4 railway tracks. Pine & oak w/ driven posts.
18AG227 Stock RemnantStock remnant. Wood & iron, 2.3' x 5', functioned water portion of marine railway.
18AG227 Terminus WallTerminus wall, cut sandstone contruction.
18AG227 Timber Feature SU 68.6Beam, timber feature. 6' x 8' x 10' oak beam associated with maritime railway. May have served as a bumper or guide for boats.
18AG227 Track 1Marine Railway Track. Construction similar to track 2, timbers & stone construction. Pine & oak, 46', 2.5' wide.
18AG227 Track 2Marine Railway Track. 42' long, 2.4' wide, ovelaying soil matrices disturbed. Pine & oak.
18AG227 Track 3Marine Railway Track. 46' long, pin & oak, silt box.
18AG227 Track 4Marine Railway Track. 42' long x 2.8' wide. Similar construction to Track 3, pine & oak.
18AG227 Wood Debris DepositWood debris deposit associated with earliest boatyard deposits, associated w/ construction & salvaging of boats south of railway.
18AG227 Wood DeckingArea between tracks & water's edge, oak, 3 groundrills, most likely extends northward to track 3c and south to track 2.

18AG229A-1  (1 feature)

18AG234D-1  (1 feature)

FeatureFeature Notes
18AG234 Non-Feature Artifact Collection2167 prehistoric and 133 historic artifacts recovered.

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