Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory

Aerial view of the Maryland Archeological Conservation Laboratory.The Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory (MAC Lab) is a state-of-the-art archaeological research, conservation, and curation facility located at Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum, the State Museum of Archaeology, in southern Maryland. The MAC Lab serves as a clearinghouse for archaeological collections recovered from land-based and underwater projects conducted by State and Federal agencies throughout Maryland. The MAC Lab also houses a number of major collections acquired through private donation to the Maryland Historical Trust. All of these collections are available for research, education, and exhibit purposes to students, scholars, museum curators, and educators.

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Free MAC Lab tours are offered the first Friday of every month at 1 PM and every Thursday at 11 AM and 1 PM by our docents.
  Please take some time and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to view the MAC Lab and learn more about the research, conservation and curation that is done there. Call Ed Chaney at 410-586-8554 or email for more information. Reservations not required.

Preserve America Grant County Exhibit
St. Mary's County Exhibit Washington County Exhibit
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