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   Die-cast iron 1928 Aero Dawn monoplane from 18PR983.

 1928 Aero Dawn monoplane from a private collection.

Site: 18PR983 Market Master House

Context: Stratum I - Mixed deposit 18th century to present day

Materials: Die-cast iron

Dimensions:  95 mm length

Description:  1928 Aero Dawn monoplane.  Wingspan of original about 3.75 inches. Missing wings and propellor. Example below from a private collection.

History: The process of die-casting was first introduced in 1893, with the first die-cast toys produced in 1910. TootsieToy is a manufacturer of die-cast toy cars and other toy vehicles. The TootsieToy brand was introduced circa 1901 by the Chicago-based Dowst Brothers company and the name TootsieToy was registered as a trade mark in 1924 (Tootsie Toys).

Lot 89