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18MO609 Jackson Homestead

Context: African-American farmstead of Malinda Jackson, (destroyed by fire), c. 1860 to c. 1915

Site Date Range: c. 1800 - 1915

Materials: Continental European hard paste porcelain

Dimensions: 2.1cm x 4cm.

Description: Small Frozen Charlotte doll

History: These little Frozen Charlotte dolls were popular from 1850 to 1920. Most were produced in Germany, where they were called penny dolls (King 1981:560) and were originally intended as a bath toy. Small versions were sometimes baked into cakes as party favors, and others were used as dolls. They were named after a poem entitled “Young Charlotte”, about a girl who froze to death on the way to a party because she refused to cover up her dress with a coat.