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Cast iron jockey from 18M0609. 8cm x 8.25cm x 4.8cmCast iron jockey from 18M0609. 8cm x 8.25cm x 4.8cm

Complete painted jockey and horse from a private collection.Cast iron wheel from cart from 18MO609.

Site: 18MO609 Jackson Homestead

Context: African-American farmstead of Malinda Jackson, (destroyed by fire), c. 1860 to c. 1915

Site Date Range: c. 1800 - 1915

Materials: Cast iron

Dimensions: 8cm x 8.25cm x 4.8cm

Description: Iron Jockey with traces of red paint and wheel. This toy appears to have been damaged in the c. 1915 fire that destroyed the house.

History: Part of a toy depicting Harness Racing. This involved a two wheeled cart, called a sulky, and conducted at a low speed. The toy’s Jockeys were Interchangeable as evidenced by the peg on the jockey’s bottom. The toys popular in England, and spread to both America and Continental Europe.



Complete, painted example