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18BC27 Federal Reserve Site

Context: Feature 30 Privy, Lot 18BC27/328, c. 1850 - 1870 home of Nathan Mansfield family

Site Date Range: c. 1770-1930

Materials: Wood

Dimensions: 2cm x 0.5cm, 2cm x 1.25cm

Description: These are part of a wooden peg or Grodnerthal doll. The portion on the right is a torso, with slots where the legs attached and the pieces on the left are probably legs. 

History: Grodnerthal dolls were first imported to England from Amsterdam in the early 19th century. Earlier peg dolls had layers of gesso on portions of the body not covered by clothing and were painted facial features and shoes.  Later in the century, the quality deteriorated, with gesso layers omitted and less detailed carving. http://www.miniphile. com/Pages/Vic-dolls.htm