Artisan's House (18AP13)
Cellar fill
c. 1780 - 1850

Common shape bowl with marbleized decoration against orange slip (18AP13).
Common shape bowl with marbleized decoration against orange slip.
Late 18th-early 19th centuries.

H & S Bakery (18BC32-2)
Test Trench

Pearlware saucer with marbleized variegated surface.

Pearlware saucer mended fragements with marbleized variegated surface.


Bleak Hill, Cobridge, probably Peter & Francis Warburton, 1796-1801

Collected by George L. Miller in 1986 during construction work in Cobridge. 
Believed to be attributed to Peter & Francis Warbuton.

White bodied earthenware London shape bowl  with a marbleized variegated surface.

All Images below are from a private collection

Teapot with combed marbled decoration and green-glazed
rilling or reeding. 5.5 inches in height.


Detail of marbled surface


Tea canister with inlaid or surface agate and inlaid
checkered rouletting. 5.5 inches in height.


Surface agate on teapot at left, engine
turned surface.

Pearlware bough pot with encrusted bits of adhered and
glazed clay. c. 1800; 7 inch width.
Detail from encrusted jug - c. 1790. This treatment has been called "encrusted ware" by Donald Towner in The Leeds Pottery (1963:47)