Multi-Chambered Slip

Bull’s Head Tavern (18BC139)
Privy (Feature 9)
c. 1800-1830
Ruth Saloon (18BC79)
Privy (Feature R-5)
c. 1829-1837

London-shape bowl with common cable against tan slipped ground.


Pearlware bowl, banding overlaid with common cable, green glazed herringbone rouletting.


Reiff Site (18WA454)
Tenant Household

London-shape bowl with common cable against brown slipped background.


Federal Reserve (18BC27)
Privy (Feature 30)

Common cable on bowl.

Federal Reserve (18BC27)
Lot 129

Cat's eye (multi-chambered slip) on London-shape bowl.

Cat's eye decorating rim of chamber pot.


All images below are from a private collection.


Detail of cable and cat's eye decoration.

Pearlware jug. Vessel shows three uses of the three-
chambered slip cup: cat's eye, cable and an unnamed
motif where the 3 quills were separated and dragged
on the pot surface, c. 1830. 9 inches in height.

Mustard pot decorated with cat's eyes and green-glazed
herringbone rouletting. 4 inches in height.

Quart mug with slip banding, cat’s eyes, trailed-tri-color waves and green-glazed roulette bands,. c. 1820. 6 inches in height.

Pearlware pint mug with cable decoration. 5 inches in height.

Porter mug with cable decoration. The turned, molded base is
seldom seen on 18th-century examples. Porter mugs are
approxiamately as tall as they are wide, made for a specific
type of dark beer. 4 inches in height.

Pearlware London-shape bowl. Dripped decoration, possibly
created by a three-chambered slip cup with goose quills separated
rather than drawn together as for cat's eyes, c. 1810.
8 inches in diameter.

Example of slip dots combed horizontally in a wavy pattern.
Rarely seen.

Barrel-form jug with vertical tri-colored "twigs" alternating with blue squiggles.
Green-glazed herringbone rouletting, c. 1810. 7 inches in height.