MAC Lab Conservation Facilities


The Conservation Department contains a wide array of conservation equipment including:


a 320kV x-radiograph


5 ton overhead crane


electrolytic reduction tanks w/ power supplies and heated circulators


PEG tanks w/ filtration and circulation


2 freeze-driers (12’x4’ and 4’x2’)


2 air-abrasive plants


pneumatic cleaning tools


density meter


pH/ISE meters


Fourier-transform infrared spectrometer


UV-Vis spectrophotometer


darkroom & photo studio


networked database


climate-controlled treatment and storage space


a dedicated solvent workspace




Conservators lifting a cannon using the 5 ton overhead crane.

Conservators treating timbers at the MAC Lab.


To contact the Head Conservator, please call Nichole Doub at 410-586-8577 or email