Walking in their Footsteps: A Patuxent Community

Listen in on Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum’s Walking in their Footsteps: A Patuxent Community showcasing our replica Indian Village This ongoing project is a collaboration between JPPM and the Huntingtown High School Archaeology Class that began in 2009. The tour is open year round and is free for all. To activate the tour, dial 410-246-1966 from your cell phone.

Below are the 10 stops for the Indian Village Audio Tour with the audio recordings that you can listen to now by clicking on the links under each stop. Make sure your speakers are on!

Click here to view a video of the making of the Indian Village audio tour.

Image of the entrance to the walkway leading to the Indian Village.
Stop 1: A Patuxent Community

Stop 101:
Mervin Savoy

Stop 6: The Fire Pits

Image of a wooden structure built over a firepit to smoke or dry out food or pelts.

Close-up shot of a large sunflower in the Indian Village garden.
Stop 2:
Native Plants

Stop 201: Planting Techniques

Stop 202: Farming Landscape

A large log with the beginning of burning on top to make a canoe.
Stop 7: Canoe Building

Stop 701: More On Canoe Bulding


Stop 3: Palisades



A Midden of oyster shells & animal bones displayed at the Indian Village.
Stop 8: Shell Middens

Stop 801: Middens


The carved effigy pole at the Indian Village at JPPM.
Stop 4: Effigy Pole

Logs arranged in circle for a meeting area at the Indian Village.
Stop 9: The Meeting Area

Stop 901: Family Groups

One of the Indian Village huts at JPPM.
Stop 5: The Huts

Stop 501: Recreating Village

Illustration graphic of 3 feathers tied together.
Stop 10: Dolores Currie-Credits


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JPPM would like to thank the following sponsors for this project: Boeing, the Anonymous Donor, Friends of JPPM, Garrett Music Academy, Charles Harris, and Calvert County Public Schools.

All music was composed and performed by Jan Seiden of Flute Journey Records. More information about the artist and music may be found at www.JanSeiden.com.